On 20th October an Inter Class Poetry Recitation took place. The topic of recitation was ‘Desh Bhakti’.

The participants were full of patriotism for their motherland as were the poems that they recited. The participants inspired the audience to always be ready to make the greatest sacrifice if their motherland beckoned them.

The painstaking efforts of the participants in delivering the poems with emotions, enthusiasm and voice modulation kept the audience riveted to their seats.  The huge applause and cheer that they received bore testimony to the fact that the poems were enjoyed and appreciated by one and all.

The result of the competition is as follows:

1st Prize went to               Class V D

2nd Prize was bagged by  Class  V A

3rd Prize was claimed by  Class V B

Compost Pit

The students of Class 5 were studying about Conservation of Natural Resources in EVS.They were very concerned about the sorry state in which Earth is today.They were hopeful when they realised that they could make a difference too.So it was decided that they would be ‘Environmental Police’ and try to save the environment, in their own simple ways.They took permission from Principal sir  to make a Compost Pit in the school field.A patch was selected and with the help of the gardener, Madhav BHAIYA, a pit was dug.The children wore gloves n brought their own spades n toy shovels to help in the digging.They carried boxes containing peels of fruits n vegetables and filled the pit with it.It was then covered with soil for the decomposers to work on it and make it manure. The place was marked with a wooden signboard. It should be ready in a year.The children really enjoyed the activity and also learnt of precautions to be taken to undertake such an activity.

Health Talk by Satyajit Dash

On September 22, 2016, Mr Satyajit Dash conducted a “Health and Awareness Session” for all the staff members of the school.

ISSA certified Sports Nutritionist, Mr Satyajit Dash, is working with Cairn India Ltd as a GIS Specialist.

Some of the important facts about good health that Lifestyle Management Coach, Mr Dash, threw light on are:

  • An assessment of BCA and Lipid Profile is essential for an analysis of one’s health.

  • Whey Protein compensates for the nutrients otherwise missing in the vegetarian diet.

  • Calcium is absorbed by body only with vitamin D and can help only when combined with Magnesium and Zinc.

  • Sugar is a more dangerous addiction than narcotics.

  • Intermittent fasting speeds up the activity of fat-burning hormones.

A few prevalent myths were busted and truth was revealed:

  • Contrary to the popular belief, refined oils damage health. The oils that undergo the process of hydrogenation are harmful.

  • Coconut oil, kachchi ghani mustard oil and olive oil are extremely beneficial for health. The oils obtained through mechanical process contribute to good health.

  • Ghee is good.

Stress was laid upon the importance of:

  • Consumption of about seven litres of water every day

  • Weight training to strengthen muscles and burn fat

  • Practice of yoga / aerobics / zumba for fat loss

Every recommendation was supported by scientific facts.  A number of doubts were put to rest. Inefficacy of some medical practices was exposed.

The interactive session ended with staff members feeling very enlightened. New resolutions were made.

Inter-School Lawn Tennis Competition

Our school Lawn Tennis Mini Girls team stood as Runner’s up in the Zonal Lawn Tennis Championship held at Modern School, Vasant Vihar from 22nd -24th August, 2016.

School team defeated Tagore International School by 2-1 in quarter finals, DPS Vasant Kunj by 2 -0 in Semi finals and played finals against Modern School, Vasant Vihar.

Team members are as follows:

  1. Devina Saxena             5 A
  2. Myra Tyagi                   5 E
  3. Shireen Tevatia            5 A
  4. Aanya Agarwal            5 A
  5. Norzeen Qureshi         4 B
  6. Netra Choudhary        5 Alawn-tennis

Library Week

The library week started from the 5 th of October . Students are encouraged to visit the library more and avail the facilities offered. Plethora of books at their disposal to enrich their vocabulary, add moral values, kindle their imagination and transport them into a world of their own.
Students seen here making book marks
A short skit was presented based on Snow White to take the children to the world of stories.

Teachers Day Celebration-2016

Teachers Day was celebrated in G. D. Goenka Public School, Vasant Kunj, on Monday, September 5, 2016. On arrival in the school, the teachers were delighted to enter staff rooms decorated tastefully by the children. As a gesture of gratitude to their mentors, students had placed cakes and cards on the workstations. 

The special assembly was conducted by the students of Class 12 with Head Boy, Ved Rajgarhia, role playing as the Principal. dressed up in colourful clothes, students presented many songs, dances, skits and other items of entertainment. After the assembly students could be seen going to their teachers in different staff rooms presenting flowers and seeking their blessings. The day left the teachers overwhelmed.  

Award to Ms. Manisha Abrol

On September 14, 2016, Madhuban Educational Books commemorated “Hindi Divas”. On this occasion Ms Manisha Abrol, Head of Hindi Department at G. D. Goenka Public School, was awarded the coveted certificate of excellence for her distinguished contribution towards popularising Hindi language amongst the students through her untiring efforts and innovative methods.