The Inter House (Junior Boys) Basketball Tournament was held in the month of July where boys of RadhaKrishan House won the tournament.



  1. Samyak Jain VIII B

  2. Aryan Dhingra VIII B

  3. Mehul Jain VIII E

  4. Chinmay Agarwal VIII E

  5. Amogh Modi VII C

  6. Kartkeya Panjwani VIII B

  7. Nakul Khurana VI D

  8. Hardik Chetal VIII B

  9. Rakshit Bhuchar VIII E

  10. Rajveer Manchanda VII B

  11. Dhruv Jain VIII B

  12. Shiva Balwani VII C



The Inter House (Senior Boys) Cricket Tournament was held in the month of July where boys of Teresa House won the tournament.



  1. Rohan Jain XII E

  2. Anmol Chawla XI E

  3. Rishul Gupta X A

  4. Sanyam Kapoor X A

  5. Shobhit Jain XII C

  6. Pushkar Vats XII E

  7. Vishisht Jain XII A

  8. Gaurav Sachdeva XII C

  9. Sahib Anand XII F

  10. Ahmed Dar XII

  11. Snehil Agarwal X A

  12. Harsh Jain XII E

  13. Kashish Seth X A

  14. Sarthak Barnwal IX F


UEFA (48)

GEN1 (1)


The General Assembly is the main deliberative body of the UN. As opposed to the Security Council, which is exclusive and grants unique veto rights to five nations, all 192 UN member nations have membership and equal voting rights in the General Assembly.

The General Assembly approves the admission of new UN members and elects members to other UN organs. Over the years, it has become the primary platform for the dialogue between developed and developing states. Among its duties are:

• Reviewing reports from the Security Council and the Economic and Social Council;

• Making recommendations on international political cooperation;

• Developing and systematizing international collaboration in economic, social, cultural, educational, and health fields;

• Counseling and encouraging peaceful settlement of hostile situations amongst nations; and

• Appointing the Secretary-General in conjunction with the Security Council and electing non-permanent members of the Security Council, judges of the International Court of Justice, and members of the Economic and Social Council.
Membership and Sessions

All our dreams can come true- if we have the courage to pursue them


We dared to Dream.

In year 2008, sitting in the auditorium of DPS. R.K. Puram we had a vision, a dream. We dreamt of a conference that would be hosted by us – a Goenkan MUN. We put our heads together to make it happen. But how? So we shared our dream with Mr. D.M. Sharma, Principal and Mrs. S. Kumar, Vice-Principal – that’s where it all began. And soon our dream began to turn into something tangible.



G.D.GOENKA INTERNATIONAL Model United Nations  ’14 was a conference similar to the United Nations in which students participated as delegates to various UN Committees. Participants research and formulate political positions based on the actual policies of the countries they represent.