15th August is a day of great pride for every Indian as India finally got independence from the rule of ‘goras’ who ruled our mother land for more than 200 years, in 1947. It was a great achievement for India as for the first time everybody irrespective of their religion and community came together under the leadership of Gandhiji – our Bapu. This year (2014) witnessed the 68th Independence Day which is celebrated every year on 15th August and is also a national holiday.

We, the Goenkans also celebrated it with great joy and enthusiasm in our school on 14th August 2014. The assembly began with the unfurling of the National Flag by the principal and we sang the National Anthem. Balloons of colours – saffron, white, green, blue were flown into vast open sky as a tribute all those great soldiers and people who sacrificed their lives for their country. The students of the Indian vocal activity sang a beautiful patriotic song and Bindu Kaul Ma’am gave an inspiring speech. It was a special occasion for all of us.




Our Country enjoys diverse cultures. The month of August brought the whole nation together, where we saw everyone enjoying a variety of festivals! Independence Day and Janmashtami were among those which were celebrated enthusiastically in our school.

It was our 68th Independence Day. Our – Pride our national flag was hoisted by our principal. Tri-coloured air balloons filled the sky. We saluted those who gave up their lives to give us our ‘Swatantra Bharata’. Inspirational dances were performed on our war heroes. Inspiring speeches were made and delicious chocolates were distributed! Patriotic songs were also sung by the students. We ended our assembly with the national anthem just like we do during every assembly! The assembly made us realize once again that if we stand free today, is because of many sacrifices.

Our school assembly was a true example of ‘Unity in Diversity’.





As the newly elected Prime Minister of India, Narendra Modi, was preparing his first ever speech as the Prime Minister of this beautiful nation on its 68th year of liberation.

We were getting ready with our own patriotic tunes, dances and speeches for the bright, young minds of our school.

We also celebrated the highly prosperous Janmashtami on the very same day.

The students of our school started off the assembly with an effective introduction. The innovative performances that followed truly thrilled us and were immensely palpable.

The students that participated and put immense endeavors to set up such a level of performances was truly commendable. Their efforts paid off brilliantly.

It was a full – fledge celebration that came to an end with a speech from our respected Principal, Mr. D.M Sharma.

Our students truly made us proud.






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