The Goenkan Mathematicia 2014-2015 was held on 12th and 13th of August 2014, in the auditorium with great enthusiasm and active participation by the students of our school.

The programme for students of Class IX and X included the following events:

Activity – I :  A 40 minutes presentation on Maths in Architecture that covered

  • Greek, Egyptian. Indian, Islamic, Christian and Modern Architectures.

  • Use of the Golden Ratio in Architecture to give beauty and to get a pleasing look to constructions  was well illustrated.

  • Students got to know about the Indian Architecture based on Mandalas and Agamas. The various Geometric shapes involved in the construction of temple vimanas was well explained.

  • The great pyramids of Egypt attracted the students as it always does.

  • Islamic floor, as well as the roof designs were eye -catching with supporting facts of Mathematics involved.

  • The usage of Golden Ratio was even there in the Modern Architecture that was well captured and the application of tube-in-tube structure to construct extreme tall buildings was convincing for the students to understand.

Activity –II :  The presentation was followed by a short comedy video show by Abbott and Costello on 13*7 is 28 was enjoyed by each and everyone in the auditorium.

Activity – III :  Following the same there was another presentation on Common Errors committed by the students.

  • The slides were prepared based on the answer scripts of our students with encircled errors.

  • On moving to each slide the students were asked to identify the error and the necessary corrections were also discussed.

  • For students of class x the Errors with Trigonometric ratios of complementary angles are very common and it was very well pointed out.

  • The slide on Tips for getting a good score in Mathematics was welcomed by all.

Activity – IV Subsequently a video recording on making a parallelogram by mere paper folding was shown to students who were encouraged to do the same following the demonstration.

The students had lots of fun and the programme was very informative and entertaining to all of them.

20140813_080210      Presentation on Maths in Architecture


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