Science Exhibition, (Goenkan Xplorer)

Principal Mr. D. M. Sharma

Principal,  Mr. D. M. Sharma


Vice Principal, Mrs. Swadesh Kumar

Vice Principal, Mrs. Swadesh Kumar



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The Science Department of G.D. Goenka Public School  Vasant Kunj, New Delhi organized the Science Exhibition tiltled  ‘ Goenkan Xplorer’ from 25th August 2014 to 28th August 2014 .  Tapping into the talented young scientists’ mind and giving a platform for research, analysis and logical reasoning was the main objective of the event that was spread over 4 days. The aim of the exhibition was to instill a spirit of enquiry, scientific temper and rational thinking in the minds of the students and presented them the opportunity to translate these into concrete ideas and models for scientific innovation and discovery.

The Science exhibition was inaugurated with the lamp lighting ceremony by the School Principal Mr. D. M. Sharma, Vice Principal Mrs. Swadesh Kumar and Head of Department Science Mr. Rajender Shah.

The main theme of the exhibition this year was “Science and Technology for Challenges in Life” with a number of sub-themes. Over 250 students participated in the exhibition and about 160 models were displayed. The students submitted a project report with their models.

The participants from classes III to XII displayed their projects over four days and the proud parents and classmates with teachers were the interactive audience.

A vast array of interesting and challenging projects ranged from Environmental Management, Communication, Ebola virus outbreak, latest in Technology and the Exploring of Space, Multi level parking Systems, Use of surface tension in future technology, making paper out of trash, designing an APP for detecting distress in animals and multitude of other innovative setups.

Through their projects, students not only discovered that science is found in every niche of the universe, they were able to use the scientific method to develop an understanding of controls and variables, take an open and creative approach to problem solving and develop  time management skills and public speaking skills as they presented projects to classmates, parents and judges.

All participants were given the participation certificate and the best three projects in each category were awarded prizes.

All students truly lived up to the school motto of ‘Higher, Stronger and Brighter’ during the course of the Science Exhibition and vowed to return with even better exhibits next time.

Every year our school organizes a science exhibition for all classes. The school strives to instill a spirit of scientific discovery and rational thinking in the minds of all students. In order to achieve goals of self-reliance and socio-ecological development, the school organized this exhibition again this year, the title being ‘Goenkan X’plorer 2014’.

The group of class 7 and 8 were named ‘the newton group.’ As usual the experiments were mind blowing. However one experiment stood out of the rest. This experiment was called ‘Burglars Alarm.’ The student had made a model of a house. When we opened the door, an alarm sounded. There was also a heat sensor, a trip wire and a pressure sensor. The workmanship of this model was amazing. There is nothing more a school can do for the scientific development of a child.




The Science Exhibition X’plorer ‘2014 was a great success. It gave students an opportunity to explore and showcase their scientific talent. I too participated and had a wonderful experience. I along with my brother was able to understand and explain the effect of surface tension on a soap bubble through our experiment. By demonstrating how to make a square bubble using a cube shaped frame we made understanding a complex concept, easy. Everyone gained something or the other – knowledge and memories.





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