On 9th September 2014 my class presented an assembly on the topic ‘Bullying’. A lot of work was put into this assembly, there was even a strong debate on which topic to choose, but looking at the environment and hormonal changes in my fellow students we decided to go with ‘Bullying’ as it was a topic which everyone could relate to.

My class presented a skit on bullying. We talked about causes, statistics and steps to prevent bullying. At the end of the assembly we decided to enact a conversation between a bully and a speaker, in which the bully realized what a menace he had been and vowed not to bully anybody again.

We gave a very positive message to everyone and I feel we should have more assemblies like this which reveal the truth about how brutal bullying is and how it slowly breaks the victim’s confidence. Many students skip school because of being bullied. With a little bit of awareness among the victims, teachers and parents, this terrible act can come to an end. We should report the cases of bullying and not just be a bystander when somebody is being targeted.


On 9th September 2014, we,IX C, had our class assembly.The main topic of this assembly was bullying and its affects on students. This is a topic of extreme sensitivity, and something with which the students could relate to.This endeavour was something really close to our heart as we planned to make a difference and hopefully improve the students’ experience at school.While working on such a sensitive topic, we had to be extremely careful, our facts were to be crisp and precise and our impact strong.I take pride in saying that , it is exactly what we did and the response which we got was absolutely overwhelming.We hope to do such memorable performances ahead and work for a better tomorrow.




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