DSC05937Our experience while presenting a PowerPoint presentation on “Apartheid System and Racial Discrimination” was very novel and knowledgeable. We spent days on researching and we put in our best as this was our first PowerPoint presentation. We looked up various sites as advised by our teacher. This research gave us a better idea of the events that took place in South Africa. Hence, giving us a better understanding of the chapter. We were nervous in the beginning but the response of our classmates made us comfortable. As a whole, it was an enriching experience which taught us a lot and also enhanced our self-confidence. This was a part of our Economics and Political Science assignment.


 This was an assignment given to us by our Economics and Political Science teacher. I got to know a lot about “Apartheid” while making this presentation. It was a challenging task involving a lot of research. I enjoyed presenting it in class and got a lot of support from my teacher and class mates.


DSC05965My experience of making and presenting the PowerPoint presentation on ‘Apartheid’ was very good and I gained a lot of knowledge. It took me two days to make it after days and days of rigorous research. I searched and extracted information from more than 11 sites. Some of them were; History of Apartheid, Softschools, Timeline, Wikipedia etc. My teachers helped me a lot. It was my first experience and extremely challenging. I was very nervous before but once I started, I forgot all about my nervousness and the response of the teacher and the class helped me gain a lot of confidence. I am really grateful to my teachers that she gave us this assignment which gave us an insight into the happenings in South Africa in the past. This was a part of our Economic and Political Science assignment.


 My experience during presenting the presentation was wonderful. I had spent days researching on the topic- ‘Apartheid System’ and ‘Racial Discrimination’. I learnt a lot about this chapter and understood what had occurred in South Africa. In all it was an enriching experience.




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