With an aim to tap the creative potential of each student, the Hindi, English and Foreign languages Department conducted the language week 2014, from 13th October till 17th October 2014.

Various Inter House and Inter Class events were held to showcase the imaginative and expressive talents of the students from classes III to XII.

The first two days were devoted to the Mother Tongue and the competitions ranged from ‘Sulekh Pratiyogita’ to Elocution and Debate. Special emphasis was given to literary gems and socially relevant topics. The Poetry Recitation evoked an enthusiastic response. Day Three revealed French, German, Spanish and Sanskrit scholars expressing themselves through Fancy Dress/Role Play, Creative Writing and the recitation and singing of ‘Shlokas’.

The English Department’s aim was to enable students to enhance their oratory skills. The 3 levels of Poetry recitation had interesting themes like Family and Friends, Courage and Sacrifice and Animals in Rhyme. The Oral Interpretation using the Comic Genre was the Grand Finale with some dramatic and hilarious performances. All students enjoyed the spelling Bee and Creative Writing events.



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