As a group activity for boards practical, students of class XII G from the history group had conducted an interactive session with the students of class VI and VII. This activity was conducted on the 21st of November 2014. Three different groups of the students showed the students some of the slides of their project work and asked questions related to it. The response of the students were excellent. Everyone present there was very much interested in the activity and was enthusiastic in giving the answers for the questions asked. We also tried to create awareness among the students about social issues such as women inequality. The audience were provided with information on Mughal Architectures in Delhi, Mughal Paintings and Female Characters of Mahabharata (The major Sanskrit Epic of Ancient India). The students learnt about many new things and also participated in the discussions about some important things that happen around us. All the students cooperated and were a great crowd to handle and speak to.





Name: Aadi Nair

Class: III B

Position: I st

Topic:How can you help in keeping your surroundings clean?

Writing corner:

We can keep my surroundings clean by throwing garbage in covered dustbins.

We can keep our surroundings clean by dusting house often.

We should plant more trees instead of cutting trees.

We can keep our surroundings clean by not burning fossil fuel. The government has started a campaign name Swachch Bharat.

We should keep our surroundings clean by cleaning our classroom.

We can keep our surroundings clean by bursting less crackers on diwali

I will always keep my surroundings clean.

Inter-Class Creative Writing Competition

Name :  Shivani Mehra

Class : IV D

Position- 1st

Topic- How will I contribute to keep my surroundings clean

Writing Corner

Don’t you think at times that foreign countries are cleaner and prettier than ours? Why? Why does such a thought comes in our mind and leaves us confused? It is because of our surroundings which are not clean, it is because of our everyday life. When we see people spitting on the road and throwing garbage outside! Do you think it is the right thing to do? No! Not at all, instead by doing such a thing, we pollute our own mother nature, our own mother earth! Why don’t we do anything when people throw garbage in front of us? Why do we keep ignoring it by saying “India can never change”! India can change if we make a change in our own selves. If we make a difference, people will join us. In  fact India is the only country where people take a bath almost everyday! We keep ourselves clean but not our country. At least we could contribute some help. Can’t our India become as pretty as a foreign country? Of course it can if we all stand together as one. I hope after reading this people change. Only keeping our house clean isn’t enough. We should clean our own country too.


The annual Goenkan sports week one of the most exciting events of the year which ended on 19th November with a well organised award ceremony, making Manoj Kumar and Aanya Jain athletes of the year. The events began on 18th November, with all of our brave and young participants preparing for the heats of their various running events and for the main high jump and long jump events that were to be held on that day, however the most exciting event of the day was 800 m finals for boys and girls which was won by Manoj Kumar and Shereen Kataria. As the day finished the hard working teachers rounded up their participants for preparation of their next day events. On 19th November the sports day continued with its first event being 1500 m boys which was also bagged by Manoj Kumar for 1st position. This was followed by 100m final for boys and girls, and the triple jump event. With this the sports day had come down to its final events which were 4 into 400 m and 4 into 100 m relays for boys and girls. All students had come out to the field for these final events and watched in anticipation as they supported their various houses. Both the events were won by the RK house from boys and in girls Teresa and VK won in 4 into 100 m and 4 into 400 m respectively. Soon afterwards the award ceremony for the winning participants was held, medals were handed out by the Principal Sir and  Vice Principal ma’am, and with this the sports day was declared closed.


Angad Singh 10-C

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 IMG_2748 IMG_2750

A workshop on PSA was conducted on 01.11.2014, Saturday to guide the students about PSA and enable them to tackle the exam with success.

IMG_2743 IMG_2746 

 CBSE – PSA 2015 exam was held on 20.11.2014.

It is a compulsory exam for Class-IX and Class-XI. Class-X also appeared for the improvement PSA (i-psa) in large number. The paper was a brain storming assessment paper, however children came out happy after the exam.


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Yesterday I visited the ISKCON temple in East of Kailash along with my other classmates for a school excursion organized by our school. So in the morning I and my friends boarded our school buses which were taking us to the temple. All the children were really happy and excited. In the bus, I was sitting next to my classmate who told me that she had had already been to the temple and briefed about what we would see there. After this, I could wait no longer and grew more excited and keen. We were singing and playing verbal games, when from a distance I spotted the temple. The International Society for Krishna Consciousness (ISKCON) temple is a huge and beautifully adorned temple. We were told to take off our shoes and then enter the temple.

As all the students assembled the doors were opened, we were taken to the Museum of Vedic Culture. The place had a quiet, joyous and illuminating atmosphere and has music playing all the time (even in the galleries). We came out enriched about our cultural heritage and Vedic philosophy. The museum shows various aspects both through simple exhibits and dioramas and through sophisticated robotic shows. These shows were designed primarily by the devotees from around the world. Then we went to the hall to eat lunch, where we were made to sit on mats. The pujaris came with big utensils and served us prasadam which was yummy and filling. In the end, we went to the temple of Radha and Krishna. We joined our hands and silently prayed as there was an aarti going on in the temple. Before leaving, the teachers were given a small copy of the holy and religious Bhagvad Gita. Then we all went back to our buses which took us back to school. It was a wonderful and devotional experience. I wish our school organizes more visits to holy places like this one, which provides the Vedic values in modern times.



The precious hours in my school life .

Apart from educating students and exposing students to various experiences, excursions are a great means of recreation. It is the day all students wait for eagerly.

Have you ever had an interesting and unforgettable trip with your classmates? Well my school classmates and I had this experience when we went to Iskcon temple. It was the most wonderful experience that we ever had and for this we thank our teachers. It was a bright Wednesday morning of November 12, 2014.  The departure was very exciting because we were all free. We began to sit in the bus. Four teachers were with us. We shared our food on our way to the temple. When we reached the temple we formed a line and left our bags and removed our shoes in our buses. We could see the temple before our eyes. Discovering the beauty of the temple we learned many things. We were exposed to the epics – Ramayana and Mahabharata. History suddenly came alive. We asked the priests several questions to satisfy our curiosity about various details. It took about two hours and many of us started feeling hungry. Then we were taken to the Administrative block of the temple where our eyes gloomed with surprise as we got to know a lunch was planned for us. The food served to us was delicious, very delicious. We thanked the priests for the lovely food as well as spending time with us and clarifying our doubts about the history.

      It took us long to thoroughly absorb the beauty of the masterpiece. We drove back to the school but the return journey was filled with a bit of sadness as it was the end of the great hours in our school life till now.