A group of students of class XII visited Godhuli with Ms. Meenakshi Bangar on October 30, 2014. Godhuli, a well- maintained senior citizen’s abode, is located in Dwarka.

We had expected Godhuli to be a serious and serene place, but to our surprise, it was a place full of cheerful and jovial people. The old, still young at heart, were thrilled to see us. They welcomed us to their home and made us feel like old friends. Although they seemed to be happy and content with life, one could sense loneliness and longing lurking in their eyes.

Each and every one of us contributed in some way or the other. Some of us served a variety of cookies, while some made a card for them. The Head Boy of our school mimicked a famous television comedian and had everyone roaring with laughter. We entertained the senior citizens by conducting a quiz on old Bollywood films and singing old songs for them. The Cultural Secretary of our school sang a medley of new and old songs which filled the room with excitement. They were very happy with the interaction with us and expressed the desire to play a game of Tambola. Gifts like candles, decoration pieces and chocolates were also distributed.

During our short stay, the old citizens appeared to have forgotten about their painful past. All that mattered was the present glorious moment. Spending time with them, made us realize that somewhere deep in their hearts, they did miss their children and grandchildren. They bade a poignant goodbye to us by hugging and blessing us. One of the ladies had tears in her eyes and said that we reminded her of her own grandchildren.

This experience was quite an eye- opener and sensitized us to the needs of the elders. We learned how much grandchildren matter to their grandparents, more so in the evening of life.

We pledged to take care of not just our own grandparents, but also of all the elders around us.

-Sunaina Mathur


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