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Yesterday I visited the ISKCON temple in East of Kailash along with my other classmates for a school excursion organized by our school. So in the morning I and my friends boarded our school buses which were taking us to the temple. All the children were really happy and excited. In the bus, I was sitting next to my classmate who told me that she had had already been to the temple and briefed about what we would see there. After this, I could wait no longer and grew more excited and keen. We were singing and playing verbal games, when from a distance I spotted the temple. The International Society for Krishna Consciousness (ISKCON) temple is a huge and beautifully adorned temple. We were told to take off our shoes and then enter the temple.

As all the students assembled the doors were opened, we were taken to the Museum of Vedic Culture. The place had a quiet, joyous and illuminating atmosphere and has music playing all the time (even in the galleries). We came out enriched about our cultural heritage and Vedic philosophy. The museum shows various aspects both through simple exhibits and dioramas and through sophisticated robotic shows. These shows were designed primarily by the devotees from around the world. Then we went to the hall to eat lunch, where we were made to sit on mats. The pujaris came with big utensils and served us prasadam which was yummy and filling. In the end, we went to the temple of Radha and Krishna. We joined our hands and silently prayed as there was an aarti going on in the temple. Before leaving, the teachers were given a small copy of the holy and religious Bhagvad Gita. Then we all went back to our buses which took us back to school. It was a wonderful and devotional experience. I wish our school organizes more visits to holy places like this one, which provides the Vedic values in modern times.



The precious hours in my school life .

Apart from educating students and exposing students to various experiences, excursions are a great means of recreation. It is the day all students wait for eagerly.

Have you ever had an interesting and unforgettable trip with your classmates? Well my school classmates and I had this experience when we went to Iskcon temple. It was the most wonderful experience that we ever had and for this we thank our teachers. It was a bright Wednesday morning of November 12, 2014.  The departure was very exciting because we were all free. We began to sit in the bus. Four teachers were with us. We shared our food on our way to the temple. When we reached the temple we formed a line and left our bags and removed our shoes in our buses. We could see the temple before our eyes. Discovering the beauty of the temple we learned many things. We were exposed to the epics – Ramayana and Mahabharata. History suddenly came alive. We asked the priests several questions to satisfy our curiosity about various details. It took about two hours and many of us started feeling hungry. Then we were taken to the Administrative block of the temple where our eyes gloomed with surprise as we got to know a lunch was planned for us. The food served to us was delicious, very delicious. We thanked the priests for the lovely food as well as spending time with us and clarifying our doubts about the history.

      It took us long to thoroughly absorb the beauty of the masterpiece. We drove back to the school but the return journey was filled with a bit of sadness as it was the end of the great hours in our school life till now.




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