The annual Goenkan sports week one of the most exciting events of the year which ended on 19th November with a well organised award ceremony, making Manoj Kumar and Aanya Jain athletes of the year. The events began on 18th November, with all of our brave and young participants preparing for the heats of their various running events and for the main high jump and long jump events that were to be held on that day, however the most exciting event of the day was 800 m finals for boys and girls which was won by Manoj Kumar and Shereen Kataria. As the day finished the hard working teachers rounded up their participants for preparation of their next day events. On 19th November the sports day continued with its first event being 1500 m boys which was also bagged by Manoj Kumar for 1st position. This was followed by 100m final for boys and girls, and the triple jump event. With this the sports day had come down to its final events which were 4 into 400 m and 4 into 100 m relays for boys and girls. All students had come out to the field for these final events and watched in anticipation as they supported their various houses. Both the events were won by the RK house from boys and in girls Teresa and VK won in 4 into 100 m and 4 into 400 m respectively. Soon afterwards the award ceremony for the winning participants was held, medals were handed out by the Principal Sir and  Vice Principal ma’am, and with this the sports day was declared closed.


Angad Singh 10-C

IMG-20141125-WA0004 IMG-20141125-WA0008


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