Inter-Class Creative Writing Competition

Name :  Shivani Mehra

Class : IV D

Position- 1st

Topic- How will I contribute to keep my surroundings clean

Writing Corner

Don’t you think at times that foreign countries are cleaner and prettier than ours? Why? Why does such a thought comes in our mind and leaves us confused? It is because of our surroundings which are not clean, it is because of our everyday life. When we see people spitting on the road and throwing garbage outside! Do you think it is the right thing to do? No! Not at all, instead by doing such a thing, we pollute our own mother nature, our own mother earth! Why don’t we do anything when people throw garbage in front of us? Why do we keep ignoring it by saying “India can never change”! India can change if we make a change in our own selves. If we make a difference, people will join us. In  fact India is the only country where people take a bath almost everyday! We keep ourselves clean but not our country. At least we could contribute some help. Can’t our India become as pretty as a foreign country? Of course it can if we all stand together as one. I hope after reading this people change. Only keeping our house clean isn’t enough. We should clean our own country too.


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