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DATE  : 16.12.2014


 As a part of GANIT Week celebrations, on 16th of December, we had invited Mr.S.N.Chhiber, an Eminent Mathematician and the retired Principal of the Directorate of Education, Govt of Delhi, to deliver his Lecture to our students of the Senior Section.

He spoke about the use of Maths in our Daily-life as well as the importance of Maths in Higher Education.

Mr.Chhiber, highlighted the contribution by the Modern Mathematicians of 19th and 20th century, to the field of Computer Science and Information Technology.

Also, a complete Analysis of Board-Exam Questions, based on

  • Difficulty Level

  • Weightage Chapter/Topic-wise

  • Knowledge/Understanding/Application

  • Value Based/Multi-disciplinary

  • HOTS,

by him reveals his experience and expertise on the subject matter and it benefitted all the students and Teachers who were present.




The function organized by class eight for the parents, was a memorable and mesmerizing event. The topic was given to the teenage goenkans was – ‘Road To Fitness’ all the students as well as the teachers put in a lot of efforts and time in making this occasion outstanding  and impressive. The students became fitness gurus and addressed all the parents on living a healthy life. It was held on the 20th December, 2014 at 10:00 am till 12:00 pm. The show started with lighting of the lamp and shloka chanting by the Indian Vocal Activity Students followed by an engrossing performance by the Indian Orchestra. The stalls put up were on fitness of body, mind, soul; herbs garden and ayurveda; and food and health. The performances like the street play, sufi dance and contemporary dance enthralled all the parents. The Western Vocal Activity Students sang a medley of four classic Abba songs which had everyone swaying to the tunes. All the parents loved the various games at different stalls. The children had interactive talks with the parents. The big charts and models conveyed a great message on fitness. The parents were given tips on fitness and how to improve their health and diet. The parents also loved the prizes and take away gifts given to them. In the end the western dance department gave an energizing dance performance. They also made volunteers come up on the stage and dance to the vitalizing beats of the Zumba dance.  The hard work put in by the students and teachers was praised a by everyone.




Work ethic has been instilled in every Goenkan ever since we can remember. Being effortlessly creative, imaginative and scientific – is all in a day’s work for us. 20th December 2014 started off as any regular day with a slight threat of rain. As the sun broke through the cloudy skies, it brought with it a loud cheer from the students as well as the teachers who had worked tirelessly for months on end to bring about Igniting Minds 2014. We all stood at our stations with great anticipation – till our parents arrived for an opportunity to show them what we are capable of beyond our curriculum. My father for one took the greatest interest in every stall hoping to argue and reason – basically to just enjoy whereas my mother attempted every game arranged by us. My crazy sister actually went up on stage uninvited and danced with the ‘zumba girls’. Each stall was an inspiring bundle of knowledge teaching us every aspect of ‘fitness’ – physical and mental. Each performance, every dance; play or song, was full of energy and music. A ‘surprise’ dance work-out was also arranged for the parents.

The air was cool but the warmth provided by the students, teachers, parents and the administration of G.D. Goenka Public School brought with it an unmistakable knowledge of fitness being at the heart of happiness.

Zoya S. Kumar     




For current Class X Only

Dear Parent,

The right choice of stream and the decision to opt for the subjects suiting a student’s aptitude at the Senior Secondary level, enables him/her to have brighter prospects in future.  At this juncture, we seek your cooperation and understanding to help the students to choose the right subjects after careful thought and deliberation.   Information regarding Science/Commerce/Humanities subjects will soon be given to them  by the concerned teachers.  A list of subjects offered under the different streams/combinations, is given in the form.

Click at the link given below to fill the form.



The celebration commenced with Principal Sir surprising the students by cutting gracious cake in each class with the class teacher. A special assembly was held to celebrate the completion  of the glorious  twenty years of the G.D Goenka Public School in the school premises only. At the beginning , a noteworthy  introductory speech was given . The Vice Chairperson,  Mrs. Renu Goenka was welcomed with a bouquet  given by the Vice Head Girl, Bhumika Sharma and  a mouthwatering cake was also cut by Mrs. Renu Goenka, Principal  Sir,  Vice Principal Ma’am  and the management authorities. Then the Principal Sir  addressed the school on the subject of leadership and education and his indelible experience in the field of education. The school choir sung the melodious song ‘I have a dream’ which  was a beautiful  source of inspiration. Thereafter,  a marvelous dance was presented by the western dance department. A Special Edition of the Goenkan Year book was also released to commemorate the 20 years and badges were given to all the students as well as the teachers  that highlighted this auspicious  occasion. Mrs. Pankaja,  Mr. Mathur,  Mrs. Anisha Talwar, Mrs. Seema Ahuja as well as  Mrs. Monica Bhatia were honoured on their completion of the 20th year . Finally,  the balloons were released by Mrs. Renu Goenka. The day ended with  all the Goenkans dancing blissfully to the energetic beats of the DJ. Enthusiasm,  joy and cheerfulness was in the Goenkan air.

Navsheen Kaur, XI – E 


Our school has finished its twenty glorious years of providing us with the best of education, the most luxurious facilities and most comfortable environment.

The day began with all of us receiving the badges, which everyone of us was proud to put on. The day was for meant for us to be proud of our school and celebrate its 20th anniversary.

Delicious cakes were given to each class which were cut by the Principal and the Vice Principal. 

The Western Vocal department presented a song specially written by them for the occasion (“20 Years”), in front of the school and our chief guests. The girls from the Western Dance activity performed to a medley of songs with great enthusiasm and graceful moves. 

Then a DJ was set up for all the students to have fun and enjoy this wonderful and joyous day. WE ARE PROUD TO BE GOENKANS!

Nandini Goel (IX F) & Riddhi Gupta (IX F)

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G.D.Goenka Public School, Vasant Kunj organized the Annual Scholastic Excellence Award Ceremony on Saturday 29th Nov’ 2014 to felicitate meritorious students who have excelled in academics over a period of 3 consecutive years. The function was graced by the presence of the Chief Guest Dr. B.K.Tripathi, Director NCERT and the Guest of Honour Mr. Derek Mountford, Executive Director G.D. Goenka World School.

The parents were delighted to hear an enthralling rendition of various taals through Indian Instrumental Music ‘Chann-dam’. ‘Swar Aakar’ presented the primal sounds of ‘Om’ resounding through the caves to the rhythms and joys of the fast city life through aero-yoga. ‘Symphonic Odyssey in concert’ an ensemble was dedicated to classic film music. The pieces presented, portrayed joy, tragedy, heroism, excitement, silence and gave the audience a glimpse of what film music is all about.

The programme was greatly appreciated by all. The Chief Guest, Guest of Honour and the Principal Mr. D.M.Sharma exhorted the students to continue to achieve perfection and excellence in whatever they set out to do.

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