The celebration commenced with Principal Sir surprising the students by cutting gracious cake in each class with the class teacher. A special assembly was held to celebrate the completion  of the glorious  twenty years of the G.D Goenka Public School in the school premises only. At the beginning , a noteworthy  introductory speech was given . The Vice Chairperson,  Mrs. Renu Goenka was welcomed with a bouquet  given by the Vice Head Girl, Bhumika Sharma and  a mouthwatering cake was also cut by Mrs. Renu Goenka, Principal  Sir,  Vice Principal Ma’am  and the management authorities. Then the Principal Sir  addressed the school on the subject of leadership and education and his indelible experience in the field of education. The school choir sung the melodious song ‘I have a dream’ which  was a beautiful  source of inspiration. Thereafter,  a marvelous dance was presented by the western dance department. A Special Edition of the Goenkan Year book was also released to commemorate the 20 years and badges were given to all the students as well as the teachers  that highlighted this auspicious  occasion. Mrs. Pankaja,  Mr. Mathur,  Mrs. Anisha Talwar, Mrs. Seema Ahuja as well as  Mrs. Monica Bhatia were honoured on their completion of the 20th year . Finally,  the balloons were released by Mrs. Renu Goenka. The day ended with  all the Goenkans dancing blissfully to the energetic beats of the DJ. Enthusiasm,  joy and cheerfulness was in the Goenkan air.

Navsheen Kaur, XI – E 


Our school has finished its twenty glorious years of providing us with the best of education, the most luxurious facilities and most comfortable environment.

The day began with all of us receiving the badges, which everyone of us was proud to put on. The day was for meant for us to be proud of our school and celebrate its 20th anniversary.

Delicious cakes were given to each class which were cut by the Principal and the Vice Principal. 

The Western Vocal department presented a song specially written by them for the occasion (“20 Years”), in front of the school and our chief guests. The girls from the Western Dance activity performed to a medley of songs with great enthusiasm and graceful moves. 

Then a DJ was set up for all the students to have fun and enjoy this wonderful and joyous day. WE ARE PROUD TO BE GOENKANS!

Nandini Goel (IX F) & Riddhi Gupta (IX F)

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