The function organized by class eight for the parents, was a memorable and mesmerizing event. The topic was given to the teenage goenkans was – ‘Road To Fitness’ all the students as well as the teachers put in a lot of efforts and time in making this occasion outstanding  and impressive. The students became fitness gurus and addressed all the parents on living a healthy life. It was held on the 20th December, 2014 at 10:00 am till 12:00 pm. The show started with lighting of the lamp and shloka chanting by the Indian Vocal Activity Students followed by an engrossing performance by the Indian Orchestra. The stalls put up were on fitness of body, mind, soul; herbs garden and ayurveda; and food and health. The performances like the street play, sufi dance and contemporary dance enthralled all the parents. The Western Vocal Activity Students sang a medley of four classic Abba songs which had everyone swaying to the tunes. All the parents loved the various games at different stalls. The children had interactive talks with the parents. The big charts and models conveyed a great message on fitness. The parents were given tips on fitness and how to improve their health and diet. The parents also loved the prizes and take away gifts given to them. In the end the western dance department gave an energizing dance performance. They also made volunteers come up on the stage and dance to the vitalizing beats of the Zumba dance.  The hard work put in by the students and teachers was praised a by everyone.




Work ethic has been instilled in every Goenkan ever since we can remember. Being effortlessly creative, imaginative and scientific – is all in a day’s work for us. 20th December 2014 started off as any regular day with a slight threat of rain. As the sun broke through the cloudy skies, it brought with it a loud cheer from the students as well as the teachers who had worked tirelessly for months on end to bring about Igniting Minds 2014. We all stood at our stations with great anticipation – till our parents arrived for an opportunity to show them what we are capable of beyond our curriculum. My father for one took the greatest interest in every stall hoping to argue and reason – basically to just enjoy whereas my mother attempted every game arranged by us. My crazy sister actually went up on stage uninvited and danced with the ‘zumba girls’. Each stall was an inspiring bundle of knowledge teaching us every aspect of ‘fitness’ – physical and mental. Each performance, every dance; play or song, was full of energy and music. A ‘surprise’ dance work-out was also arranged for the parents.

The air was cool but the warmth provided by the students, teachers, parents and the administration of G.D. Goenka Public School brought with it an unmistakable knowledge of fitness being at the heart of happiness.

Zoya S. Kumar     




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