The Citation Ceremony for the batch of 2015 was a solemn and nostalgic event. All 230 students listened in rapt attention to the inspirational words of the Principal, Mr. D.M. Sharma. He spoke to them of the importance of being proactive and to stand up for the truth. Each student placed a candle on the stage and received a memento as the Graduating Class. The students were given a special message from the Senior Section Incharge, Mrs. Prabhjot Butalia. The Vice Principal, Mrs. Swadesh Kumar wished them for the success in their exams and motivated them to remain sincere in their quest for excellence as true Goenkans.

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 The school organised an overnight educational trip to Agra on 23rd December 2014.

 The Journey : We all were very excited and enthusiastic for the trip. We were transported to and from Agra in luxurious Volvo coaches. As we were boarding the bus, we were full of excitement and were eager to reach Agra. We all had a great time in the bus, singing songs and playing games. The scenic beauty on our way was beautiful ! The new Delhi-Agra Expressway was breathtaking.

 On reaching Agra , we all were extremely glad but hungry at the same time. So as we reached The Jaypee Hotel, where we were to stay, we had our lunch. The food was very delicious. We then went to see the glittering Taj Mahal.

 The Taj Mahal: I was completely spellbound by the beauty of the Taj Mahal. The teachers took great care of us and were on their toes all the time. We had a guide at Taj Mahal who explained us all about it and answered our inquisitive questions. History had come alive ! As we had studied about the Mughal period in our class we were able to relate a lot of things. It was as if our text books had become three dimensional ! I had read that 22,000 workers from all over the central Asia and Iran were involved in making the Taj Mahal. When I actually saw it, I was mesmerised by seeing the intricate work on the marbles of the Taj Mahal. The cravings on the white marbles showed the hard work of the workers who made it.  Not just Taj, even structures alongside it added to the architectural beauty and artistic wonder of the place. It was an amazing experience to learn so many new things and at the same time it was fun. We clicked lots of pictures at the Taj Mahal.

 As we were returning to our hotel we all were very tired. So on reaching the hotel the teachers allotted us our rooms and we could rest there for an hour after which we were supposed to have our dinner. The break rejuvenated all of us and we were ready for some more fun.

 Party Time After the appetising dinner, we had a party. We all had a wonderful time dancing to the peppy beats played by the DJ. Even the teachers danced with us. We danced our hearts out to the bollywood music.

 Soon it was time for us to go back to our rooms. The teachers ensured that there was discipline and that we slept on time so that we were energetic for the next day. The teachers also came to our room from time to time to check if everything was fine and if we wanted something. There were many guards stationed from place to place for our security.

 The next morning, we all woke up full of enthusiasm, ready for another fun filled day. We had a rich breakfast and after a while prepared to check out the hotel.

 Agra Fort:We were to go to the Agra Fort now. The Agra Fort was a wide spread monument. The guide there told us so many interesting facts about the Mughals that we had never known. The Agra Fort is made of red sandstone. It is within a 2.5 km enclosed wall.It comprises many fairy-tale palaces, such as the Jahangir Palace and the Khas Mahal, built by Shah Jahan; audience halls, such as the Diwan-i-Khas; and two very beautiful mosques. We learnt many new things and seeing them virtually was amazing.

Soon it was time for us to start our journey back to Delhi. After travelling for a while we had a stopover where we had our lunch and then started our journey again. We all had a wonderful trip to Agra which I’ll never forget. The time spent in Agra just flew and we just didn’t feel like going back to Delhi. The experience with friends truly became a cherished journey. The trip inculcated in me a sense of responsibility and confidence. The school had taken loads of efforts for the trip. I thank the school for this fun filled trip to Agra and look forward to more such trips in the future.

 Rhythm Arora