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Creating a school wide reading culture is important to promote reading as a lifestyle. In celebration of the event, a number of competitions including Bookmark Making , Draw & Describe Favourite Book Character, Design a Book Jacket, Book Review, Weaving a Story, Quiz etc were held for different classes.

The winners in these competitions were awarded certificates by the Principal in the school assembly.

The award for “Readers of the Year” has been presented annually to the good readers since 1995. Even this year to encourage students, they were acknowledged with the “Readers of the Year 2014” award.

Thanks to everyone who participated and helped in making it such a great success.



Vasant Valley School – Vasant Kunj , organized Vasant Valley Speaker’s Forum on 6th February 2015, in which Rahul Ranveer Shah of

Class VII B from our school, bagged the 2nd prize in the Tall –Tale Competition (held for classes 6 and 7) and made the school proud.

In this competition, he wrote a tale for the topic –‘When I woke up & I was in Mars’.This topic was given to him on the spot. He then read out the tall-tale to the audience sitting there.  Speakers were judged on the basis of subject matter, creativity, delivery and language.
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Google “web rangers” program was a very interesting initiative taken by Google to promote cyber security via school students. Students were taught elaborately about cyber crime –each subtopic in detail with good examples and with the help of informative videos. The whole idea was to teach school students and request them to conduct workshops in their respective schools and share this information with as many people as possible. The way of teaching was really fun and exciting. Each session was uniquely informative. Getting the opportunity to see the Google office was an amazing experience. The ambience, the food, the hospitality and the wonderful presenters made the experience a memorable and unforgettable one.

Rasleen Kaur


LAST MINUTE MADE A DIFFERENCE  The Google “WebRangers” Program was an interesting initiative taken by Google to spread awareness about cyber security.

It was for the first time I went to Google Office. I was chosen in the last minute. I was excited for it and had  heard loads of things about the Google Office from my teachers.After reaching there, I couldn’t believe that it was such an awesome office with out of the world infrastructure and ambience.The main aim of the workshop was to educate and make students or rather teenagers aware of the dangers which we might face or have have already faced online. They believed that it’s the students who can encourage people to be safe on internet  and raise their voice if one faces cyber bullying. It had four sessions with regular snack break and the lunch was grand with various varieties from Indian to continental. The deserts were tempting and finger licking.It was an interactive session which allowed us to mix up with the students of other  reputed schools of Delhi. Each session held various examples to elaborate on the main point which made us comprehend better. The presenters were cheering and friendly and were enthusiastic which kept us upbeat and motivated. To keep the audience active, they held quizzes and the Pictionary game in which the winners were rewarded with either stickers or magnets of Google. Any student who attended the workshop is now a Web Ranger, who is supposed to spread awareness in schools, communities and families. It feels great to be a part of the Google family now. I promise to be a responsible Netizen and do as much as possible to promote cyber security.    I thank my teachers for giving me this wonderful opportunity. 

Riddhi Gupta


Web Rangers India was an informative, educative and interactive workshop held by Google. It was the first time that I visited the Google office and it was an amazing experience! We got a chance to know about the dangers of using the internet and how to be safe. The main objective of the workshop was to educate and spread awareness. Every Web Ranger is expected to spread awareness among their schools, communities and families. Through various quizzes and activities we learnt tricks and facts that would help us use the internet safely. I won an Android flash drive and some Google stickers. I have learnt a lot and have had a lot of fun too. I promise to be a responsible Netizen and to spread awareness about cyber security.I I feel privileged to have been chosen to represent my age group and be trained about this important aspect of computer application. I truly feel like a Web Ranger now!

Ragini Shah


On 12th February, I went to Google’s Office in Gurgaon for a workshop on cyber security. The office looked amazing from inside. It was very huge and looked very modern.

When the workshop started, we saw a small presentation on the Web Rangers Workshop. Then we were divided into teams and thereafter we saw 2 videos and 1 article and we had to decide whether the videos/article were fake or real. Each team was given a Chromebook to research on the videos and articles. It was fun doing this activity with all the teammates and we learnt how to identify whether the video/article is fake or real.

In the second session, we were taught how to manage our digital footprints. It is essential to manage your digital footprint because any activity done on the internet leaves a footprint which can take a life of its own as it can be forwarded, copied, shared and found. Therefore, before posting anything on the internet we should think twice. The next tip that we were taught was that we should keep strong passwords. For a password to be strong, it should be at least 8 characters long, have at least one capital letter and should be a mix of letters, numbers and symbols. Also, we should have different passwords for every account and we should use 2-step verification. While using public computers, we shouldn’t forget to log out or else we should use incognito mode. After the session ended, we went to the canteen to have lunch. The canteen served sumptuous food. After having our lunch we went back to room where the workshop was being held.

The next session was on cyber-bullying. We saw the story of a girl who had been cyberbullied by her classmates. There were questions based on the story and there were points for each right answer. Subsequently we were taught how to avoid scams. There are various ways through which people can carry out scams like fake e-mails and sites. To identify if an e-mail is fake we should check the URL if it is mentioned in the e-mail, check if the e-mail tells us that there is a sense of urgency, look for spelling errors and if the sender is asking for our username and password. E-mails that say you have won a lottery are always fake and may contain viruses or ask for our bank account details. To check if a site is real or fake, we should check its URL and inspect its elements. This was followed by a quiz and there were points for each right answer and negative points for wrong answers. The questions were tough but our team managed to won thirty points. After the quiz there was a game like Pictionary in which one of the team-mates was given a word and he had to draw something related to that word so that the other team-mates could guess it. According to the rules, the one who was drawing couldn’t write any letter or speak anything. I guessed the word in just 5 seconds and our team won 50 points! This was the last game and before going back to our school, we were asked to spread awareness about cyber-security in our schools and society.

I enjoyed the workshop and learnt lot of new tips on how to stay secure on the internet.




Pullman Hotel, Gurgaon was the venue for the Farewell Party 2015 hosted by class XI students for their seniors. Gorgeous saris and dashing tuxedos were a sight for sore eyes as the batch of 2015 impressed us all by their grace and charm.

Enthusiastic and energetic dance performances by Class XI students greeted the guests and everyone was overwhelmed by some beautiful and powerful ballads sung by Nipun and Aakash.

A ramp walk by the seniors floored all present by the sheer opulence and style statements made by Class XII.

Presences of mind, wit, wisdom, a graceful demeanour were all tested in the Personality Contest. Divyam Khera (Headboy) and Aashna Monga (Headgirl) were adjudged Mr. Goenkan and Ms. Goenkan respectively.





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