At Sanskriti Model UN held between 23rd April – 25th April 2015, following delegates participated from our school.

1) Japneet Singh

2) Ragini Shah

3) Rabani Kaur

4) Siya Malhotra

Japneet Singh represented Canada in the Security Council and received Hon’able Mention which entails certificate of merit and an award.



Earth Day Celebrations

On the occasion of ‘Earth Day’ a special assembly was conducted with the message that we need to nurture and cherish our Earth and pass it on to the future generations. The Principal administered an oath to the students to maintain pollution free Earth in the assembly and motivated them to become more environment friendly. The students of Nature Club presented a talk and a small skit on the occasion of ‘Earth Day’. Western vocal group also presented a song “Earth Day” in the assembly. A short

movie was shown in all the classes from 3rd to 8th to give a new vision to the students about our Mother Earth, its beauty and significance of conserving it. Street plat was also presented by the students of primary section. Various competitions were held during House meeting period in which children participated most enthusiastically. Book-Mark Making Competition was conducted for class 6th on the topic “Save Earth”. Class 7th children made posters on the topic “The way in which each may help conserve forests”. Class 8th children displayed their creative work through “Cartoon Making” competion on the topic “Impact of highly polluted city on humans, plants and animals”. All these activities were done to create awareness and sensitize the students to save ‘Mother Earth’ from the predatory human hands.



Digex Clan invited all aspiring photographers and photography enthusiasts to enjoy a day with their peers as well as with professionals at the Digex 2015 Photography Festival at DPS R.K. Puram. There were 4 competitions and a workshop for the students and teachers by Canon. The Goenkans also participated enthusiastically and learnt various tricks of photography.


DSC09517 DSC09512

On 18th April’2015, our school participated in the photography festival at DPS R.K. Puram. The students participated  in the competitions called “Photo Run”, “Story Board” and “Movie Making”. The workshop was also held at the campus to help out future photographers. Every school competed with great enthusiasm and zeal. Our school selected me to represent for the “Photo Run” competition,  Rishab Goyal and Harsach Kakkar for the Story Board competition and Meera Arora,  Palak Dokania and Pragya Dokania for the Movie Making competition. Rasleen Kaur, Shiveeka Aggarwal, Sakhi Thirani, Dhruv Swarup and Kaartikeya Panjwani attended an impending workshop. The students very creatively and innovatively captured beautiful and insightful moments. The workshop motivated the students to continue to practicing photography. The students learnt many new techniques to capture an image.



Anorexia and Bulimia (Eating Disorders) : Silent Epidemics

School Counsellors Forum organized by Fortis, Vasant Kunj was attended by Gurmanjot Butalia and Swati Kumar Mohan on 23 April’15.

The topic of the Forum was Anorexia and Bulimia (Eating Disorders) : Silent Epidemics.

It was conducted by Ms. Kamna, Cliniocal Psychologist.

During the forum, the following was discussed:

1) Eating disorders is the third most common chronic illness among adolescents and that 20% of people die as a result of Anorexia.

2) Definition of Eating Disorders

3) Risk factors

4) Role of Media

5) Reasons for under identification of this epidemic.

6) Role of Prevention/ Awareness programs in the school.


Picture 021Picture 014 Picture 016 Picture 008 Picture 009 Picture 020

A computer workshop was held in school by the Computer Activity School Team to create awareness on the Internet and the fast growing Web World. With development comes a very important issue of security. As the cyber world is becoming an essential part of our lives we need to understand how to keep our personal information and our computer safe. Companies can get bankrupt within a blink of an eye.

       Internet is used in day to day life by all of us and a crystal clear knowledge of its usage and consequences is utmost important.

     Presentations were given on cyber stalking, cyber bullying, digital footprints, spyware and many more related topics- students of the school showed ardent interest. With the computer teacher’s guidance and support this event was a great success.

Anaika Mehra


Baisakhi Celebrations

On the special occasion of Baisakhi , the school had joyful celebrations. The preparations for this special assembly started early in the morning. The assembly started with a few lines on Baisakhi which were followed by a melodious song sung by the students of the Indian vocal activity. Everyone was enjoying and the air was filled with festive cheer. This beautiful performance was followed by an energetic presentation by the Kathak activity students. Everyone was cheering and hooting for the dancers who were dancing very gracefully and enthusiastically  to the lively beats of dhol. Standing at the podium and looking at all those happy faces was an overwhelming sight. The assembly ended but the festive mood was set for the entire day!


The auspicious festival of Baisakhi  is celebrated on first day of Vaisakh month.It is one of the major festivals of Sikhs and is celebrated with lot of enthusiasm and gaiety throughout the world. Goenkans also celebrated it with fervor and jauntiness.

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