Earth Day Celebrations

On the occasion of ‘Earth Day’ a special assembly was conducted with the message that we need to nurture and cherish our Earth and pass it on to the future generations. The Principal administered an oath to the students to maintain pollution free Earth in the assembly and motivated them to become more environment friendly. The students of Nature Club presented a talk and a small skit on the occasion of ‘Earth Day’. Western vocal group also presented a song “Earth Day” in the assembly. A short

movie was shown in all the classes from 3rd to 8th to give a new vision to the students about our Mother Earth, its beauty and significance of conserving it. Street plat was also presented by the students of primary section. Various competitions were held during House meeting period in which children participated most enthusiastically. Book-Mark Making Competition was conducted for class 6th on the topic “Save Earth”. Class 7th children made posters on the topic “The way in which each may help conserve forests”. Class 8th children displayed their creative work through “Cartoon Making” competion on the topic “Impact of highly polluted city on humans, plants and animals”. All these activities were done to create awareness and sensitize the students to save ‘Mother Earth’ from the predatory human hands.



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