Digex Clan invited all aspiring photographers and photography enthusiasts to enjoy a day with their peers as well as with professionals at the Digex 2015 Photography Festival at DPS R.K. Puram. There were 4 competitions and a workshop for the students and teachers by Canon. The Goenkans also participated enthusiastically and learnt various tricks of photography.


DSC09517 DSC09512

On 18th April’2015, our school participated in the photography festival at DPS R.K. Puram. The students participated  in the competitions called “Photo Run”, “Story Board” and “Movie Making”. The workshop was also held at the campus to help out future photographers. Every school competed with great enthusiasm and zeal. Our school selected me to represent for the “Photo Run” competition,  Rishab Goyal and Harsach Kakkar for the Story Board competition and Meera Arora,  Palak Dokania and Pragya Dokania for the Movie Making competition. Rasleen Kaur, Shiveeka Aggarwal, Sakhi Thirani, Dhruv Swarup and Kaartikeya Panjwani attended an impending workshop. The students very creatively and innovatively captured beautiful and insightful moments. The workshop motivated the students to continue to practicing photography. The students learnt many new techniques to capture an image.




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