Training Digital Citizens to be Cyber Secure through Games

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It was indeed a happening month! Starting with workshop led by our Web Rangers team for students of grade 7 and 8, the month long activities culminated with a learning cum gaming session for grade 6. Through out the month the computer Lab was abuzz with selected students of Grade 7 and 8 who took part in interactions with experts, played games, completed surveys, answered questionnaires and received training about Cyber Security issues.  

The effect of gamification of cyber security training on students (both at school and away from school) was investigated. Pre and post student and parent surveys, student and parent feedback/poll, and teacher observations were used to record changes, awareness, understanding & application of cyber security issues through the knowledge gained during a six-week study period.

In totality it was a great experience for all of us, especially so for the students who did not think that education can be so much fun. The entire action plan helped to inculcate necessary cyber security skills to help students become a better and aware netizen.



IMG_8795 IMG_8787 IMG_8782 IMG_8774 IMG_8768 IMG_8767 GOOGLE WEBRANGERS team organized an interactive workshop on INTERNET SAFETY for Class VI. The team comprised of – RASLEEN KAUR, ANAIKA MEHRA, RAGINI SHAH, SHREYAM TANEJA, RAHUL RANVEER SHAH and ARYANVIR TYAGI. They were made aware of the dangers on internet. Our team gave them safety tips, these tips were reinforced through games after the TALK. Class VI enjoyed the workshop and they were very involved right from the beginning till the end. We also enjoyed the  rapt attention of our audience. I would like to thank our Computer Department for giving us this opportunity.




As silence veiled the air, the participants knocked their knees in anxious anticipation.The comparers Yash and Abhay Chauhan introduced to the audience the esteemed judges, Mrs. Neelam Parikh and Mrs. Prabjyot Butalia and the teacher in charge of the concerned event, Mrs. Bella Batheja.

The first debate was on the4 topic “Good Economics Is Good Politics”,with r.k house for the motion and teresa house against. The participants fromk r.k house were Akanksha Mirani, Tanvi Abhhichandani and Dikshita Khullar. Those from Teresa house were Anaika Mehra,Ahana Kumar and Shivangani Anand. Both houses argued inpeccebaly but ultimately RK House emerged as the victor with Tanvi Abhichandani and Dikshita Khullar tying for best speaker.

The second debate. The topic was “Violence cannot be eradicated from our country”, with VK House as the proposition and Tagore House as the opposition. The participants from VK House were Maahi S Kumar , Sanah Mehta and Zoya S Kumar.Representing Tagore House were Ved Rajgariha,Kartika Ahuja and Vaaradhi Kaul. Boldly putting forth their points, the students elaborated on their views.VK claimed the title of ‘BEST TEAM’ with Maahi S Kumar waned the ‘BEST SPEAKER’.

Overall it was a fruitful event praised by teachers and students.

      -Maahi S Kumar and Meher  Dev


On 7th May 2015, children of Humanities Stream went to the Parliament and witnessed Lok Sabha in session. Though it was a long journey of initiating this trip, getting the pass and being there, it was well worth every effort one made. The Management – Mr. D.M. Sharma and Mrs. S. Kumar were most supportive throughout.

We were given the After Lunch slot which lasted for an hour. Walking along the corridors of power was awe inspiring. We sat in the Public Gallery Enclosure which is an elevated area and one can get a bird’s eye view of the proceedings.

It was a historic day in Parliament. The Juvenile Justice Bill was passed after the government agreed to debate a controversial clause. Women and Child Development Minister Smt. Maneka Gandhi had deliberated the bill and we could watch it on large T.V. screens while we waited for our turn to witness the proceedings live.

During our time slot, we saw the deliberation of historic Land Boundary Agreement with Bangladesh. Members of Lok Sabha passed the constitutional amendment by a unanimous vote. It was a treat to watch our External Affairs Minister Smt. Sushma Swaraj contest the bill in her inimitable style. She gave the most engrossing and convincing speech in a seamless manner. We all were extremely impressed.

Also, we witnessed lumanaries like Shri L.K. Advani, Shashi Tharoor, Mulayam Singh Yadav, Murli Manohar Joshi, V.K. Singh and others creating history on the floor on the floor of the Lower House.

It was a thrilling experience to witness a live session of Lok Sabha and to be a small part of a place where our country’s National and International history is created. It left an indelible mark on the minds of the children and became once in a lifetime experience for us!

Seema Chadha

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National Technology day

On National Technology day, the computer department  organised a Google hangout session of few  students with Prof. Ponnurangam Kumaraguru of IIITD on “Being Safe Online”. The kids enjoyed the interactive session and were Happy to learn about vital tips to stay safe online. The interaction  ended with a question-answer session.

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