As silence veiled the air, the participants knocked their knees in anxious anticipation.The comparers Yash and Abhay Chauhan introduced to the audience the esteemed judges, Mrs. Neelam Parikh and Mrs. Prabjyot Butalia and the teacher in charge of the concerned event, Mrs. Bella Batheja.

The first debate was on the4 topic “Good Economics Is Good Politics”,with r.k house for the motion and teresa house against. The participants fromk r.k house were Akanksha Mirani, Tanvi Abhhichandani and Dikshita Khullar. Those from Teresa house were Anaika Mehra,Ahana Kumar and Shivangani Anand. Both houses argued inpeccebaly but ultimately RK House emerged as the victor with Tanvi Abhichandani and Dikshita Khullar tying for best speaker.

The second debate. The topic was “Violence cannot be eradicated from our country”, with VK House as the proposition and Tagore House as the opposition. The participants from VK House were Maahi S Kumar , Sanah Mehta and Zoya S Kumar.Representing Tagore House were Ved Rajgariha,Kartika Ahuja and Vaaradhi Kaul. Boldly putting forth their points, the students elaborated on their views.VK claimed the title of ‘BEST TEAM’ with Maahi S Kumar waned the ‘BEST SPEAKER’.

Overall it was a fruitful event praised by teachers and students.

      -Maahi S Kumar and Meher  Dev


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