Training Digital Citizens to be Cyber Secure through Games

PasswordTraining PasswordActivity GroupPhoto Game1 Collage 20150514_084019 20150513_125108
It was indeed a happening month! Starting with workshop led by our Web Rangers team for students of grade 7 and 8, the month long activities culminated with a learning cum gaming session for grade 6. Through out the month the computer Lab was abuzz with selected students of Grade 7 and 8 who took part in interactions with experts, played games, completed surveys, answered questionnaires and received training about Cyber Security issues.  

The effect of gamification of cyber security training on students (both at school and away from school) was investigated. Pre and post student and parent surveys, student and parent feedback/poll, and teacher observations were used to record changes, awareness, understanding & application of cyber security issues through the knowledge gained during a six-week study period.

In totality it was a great experience for all of us, especially so for the students who did not think that education can be so much fun. The entire action plan helped to inculcate necessary cyber security skills to help students become a better and aware netizen.


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