A mock drill for safe-evacuation of students and staff during any event of fire, earthquake or any other crisis situation, was carried out on 14th July 2015 at 12:10 p.m.  A long bell was sounded to give the indication that the entire school had to be evacuated as soon as possible to prevent any casualty or injuries to students in case of a mishap.

A plan for safe-evacuation  had already been explained to teachers and students prior to the mock drill.  Everyone was aware of the escape routes that were designated class-wise and accordingly, each class used the three routes at the time of drill.  The entire exercise of evacuation took only 3 minutes and the entire school assembled in the open field opposite the swimming pool.

The safe-evacuation routes were marked with arrows to indicate the exits.Every person present in the School (including the security guards) was alert and did not need much time to take instructions.The fire-extinguishers were in place and the fence around the field was quickly opened to enable safe entry of students coming through the bus-yard and Reception area.

 After the Mock drill, the Principal took charge of the situation.  He spoke on fire safety, the importance of fire safety drill and how to handle situation during an emergency, and announced the dispersal plan so that students could go back to their classrooms without wasting time.

The Mock drill was very successful as it gave every student a clear indication of  escape routes and how to safely leave the building without any danger to his or her own life.

C360_2015-07-14-12-22-43-242DSC06776  C360_2015-07-14-12-22-47-508 DSC06766


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