Teaching Mathematics through Origami

The word ‘Origami’ originated from ‘ori’ and ‘gami. It means ‘folding’ ‘paper’. With the objective of training mathematics teachers to popularize the subject through fun filled activity of origami ,The National Council for Science and Technology Communication ( NCSTC), Department of Science and Technology( DST) , Govt.of Indiaorganized  a training workshop for teachers . The workshop was held from 27th– 30thApril 2015 at Salwan Public School , Rajinder Nagar, Delhi. Our school was among  twenty four schools of Delhi to send its teacher ( Mrs Namita Basnotra)  to attend the workshop.

In recent years origami became a commonly used instruction tool for teaching mathematics and geometry across the globe. The four days extensive  workshop  integrated fun filled hands on learning experience through the art of origami. It included:-

–        Introduction and importance of origami

–        Basics of origami

–        Different shapes of angles of geometry

–        Different triangles ,theorem and their proofs ( such as proof of Pythagoras Theorem

Through the profile of a paper boat)

–        3 D module of origami ( such as making Decahedron , pyramid and icosahedrons from an A4 sheet)

–        Proof of Algebraic identities through origami etc.

NCSTC would invite selected teacher participants in the master trainer’s workshop to prepare the teachers for further dissemination independently.

Mrs Namita Basnotra

IMG-20150504-WA0018 DSC_0836 DSC_0842 DSC_0846


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