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My name is Eknoor S. Arora, a student of class 12-A. As you already know I’ve written a book titled ‘The Haunted Park-it is a horror story.
Apart form school studies, I like to utilize my spare time in watching TV shows, reading and writing novels etc. My favorite books are The Harry Potter series, The 39 clues, Percy Jackson and The Song Of Ice And Fire series. I love playing and watching football and I support F.C Barcelona. I love listening to music. My goal is to become an Aerospace Engineer and side-by-side pursue Astrophysics. Writing would be my hobby.
Now, you must be wondering what got me in this ‘writing’ business. When I was in 6th or 7th class, I read a lot of goosebumps novel by R.L Stine. While reading them, I thought of some things that I can add up in those stories myself. That got me thinking. Obviously, I didn’t think of writing a full novel until I was in class 10. And the particular topic- ‘ghosts, demons, horror’ has fascinated and kept me thinking a lot. Are these things real, or just an illusion set in our minds by watching these kinds of stuff? Well, as the saying goes, ‘seeing is believing’ the people who see believe in them and the people who haven’t seen don’t believe.
This book is about a family who have shifted to their new house in Bristol and soon discover that the park which is situated behind their house is an interesting place for rumours-the park is a famous haunted place in their city which contains an evil spirit. I hope everyone of you read my book and I’m sure you’ll enjoy it. Thank you!



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