When I was told that the conference for Pan India Case Study is happening again, I was THRILLED. I was expecting it to be as much fun as it was the last time and I was not disappointed. When we left the school full of enthusiasm and anxiety, we hadn’t thought of the possibility of getting lost- but as it turned out, we did. Initially, my partner and I were extremely worried that till the time we would get there the conference would have already started. However, surprisingly we were the first ones to arrive. As the students started pouring in, the conference commenced with a charged atmosphere. We were all divided into groups and each given a topic to think upon. We started by planning the activities for day one, and as everybody started coming up with unique ideas, I realised the importance of teamwork. Except for the 20 minutes when we broke for lunch, my team-mates and I argued and debated upon every event present in our sheet. At the end of the day, we had turned the original plan upside down and had enhanced it to a better one. The day, for me, was extremely fruitful and I’m looking forward to future meetings.




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