We imitated the adult literacy program on the 26th of Nov’2015. We are going to teach basic Hindi and English alphabets along with basic Maths.


Name of attendant


Topics Taught



1st Floor

Signature, basic Hindi letters, counting



1st Floor

Names of colours in Hindi and English, word formation


Seema Jain

1st Floor

Pronunciation, reading



1st Floor




1st Floor

English Alphabets

Prachi – It was a wonderful experience. Lalita didi seemed very happy to learn everything. When she told us that everyone in her family were educated except her, she felt sad. She is very sincere and has promised to practice counting, Hindi alphabets & her name.

Muskaan – It was a pleasure teaching Lalita didi. She discussed her family problems and how she felt left out as she was the only one who was not educated in her family. After teaching her, the smile that she had on her face was wonderful. She promised to take out 10 minutes from her daily work to practice counting and the Hindi alphabets.

Ishita & Shipra – We helped Seema didi today. She knows basic English/Hindi & Maths. She could not recognize small letters or write them, so we helped her with the same. After today, we are hoping for an improvement.

Dhruv –I taught Suresh bhayiya the alphabet today. He knew how to form the letters very well but was not able to put them in order. I showed him how to do it and he learnt it in 20 minutes. It was a pleasure to see the potential hidden behind that weary face. He showed a lot of dedication and sincerity towards his work and I am sure that after a few weeks, he will be able to read and write independently.

Mehr & Namisha – It was an absolutely amazing feeling to teach Hemlata didi. We found out that she had studied till class 9th, but she had forgotten most of what she learnt. We taught her how to write the names of months (in English), how to sign, how to write her address & her children’s & husband’s name. We became very emotionally attached to her during this time. We found out more & more about her life. Thank you Principal Sir, Vice Principal ma’am, Prabhjot ma’am, Gurpreet ma’am, Ashima ma’am for this wonderful opportunity.image (2)image1

image (3)

photo (1)photo


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