JIM CORBETT – An Unforgettable Experience

On 28th November 2015, the school organized an adventurous trip to Jim Corbett National Park, Uttarakhand for classes 9th to 11th.

We all were very excited for the trip. We started our journey from the school at about 7a.m. in luxurious travel coaches provided by the school. Although the journey was very long, no one felt tired because of the amazing time spent in the bus, singing songs and playing games.

After a 7-hour journey, we finally entered in Uttarakhand and reached “The Wild Crest” Resort. Soon after, tasty and sumptuous food was served that truly satisfied our voracious appetite.

After a satisfactory lunch came the best part of our trip – The Jungle Safari! We all started the safari in jeeps and were soon amazed by the breathtaking and scenic view of the beauty of Uttarakhand. The rivers, streams, hills and the pollution-free air rejuvenated us and made our journey remarkable! We visited a pre-historic temple, and were surprised to see the number of monkeys! When we got into our jeeps, we found monkeys eating away our snacks! It was 6’o clock, and also time for us to return to the resort. We enjoyed the journey back to the resort, singing songs as loudly as we could!

At the resort, we were greeted with mouth-watering snacks and an amazing bonfire, providing us warmth and comfort in the bitter-cold night. Shortly after checking into our rooms, we were invited for a fun-filled DJ party. We danced relentlessly to the beats of the DJ and were served a delicious dinner shortly after.

It was late night and time for us to return to our respective rooms. Teachers and guards ensured maximum safety and allowed us to sleep without any worries.

The next, morning, we quickly got ready and went to the main hall for breakfast. After breakfast, we were taken back into our buses. We also visited Jim Corbett National Wildlife Reserve museum and saw many fossils and real-life models of tigers and other wild animals like mammoths.

We all had an amazing time on the way back to Delhi. We reached the school around 8 p.m.. This marked the end of our amazing journey.

I thank my school for this wonderful, adventurous and fun-filled trip and for this beautiful experience that is unforgettable!

Kaartikeya Panjwani





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