This year our school organized a trip to Jim Corbett National Park. We started our journey from school at around 7a.m., laughing and chatting; we spent a few hours before we reached “Bikanerwala” for breakfast. After half an hour or so we resumed our journey and at long last we reached THE WILD CREST where we were to stay. It was a beautiful resort with many lawns and gardens filled with lovely flowers. After lunch we headed out in open jeeps for a safari. We saw many animals. There were deer, peacocks, monkeys and  many more. The flora and fauna was so beautiful with trees and flowers, ponds and hills that we kept staring in wonder. When we went back to our resort after the amazing safari there was a glowing bon-fire and delicious, hot snacks for us. We headed upto freshen up and come back down for a rocking party with a live DJ. We danced and danced and after two hours we headed for dinner which was very good. We were tired out so we headed to our rooms to relax. The next day we got  up by six and got ready. Some of us decided to take a walk in the garden as the weather was so lovely. After a good breakfast we headed back to the buses and had an enjoyable trip back to Delhi. It was a wonderful experience and   one that  everyone loved.




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