A day filled with joy in Jim Corbett

It was a lovely experience with my friends as it was my first trip to Jim Corbett. We reached the hotel around 2pm and had lunch and left for safari. We did not spot tigers, but we saw some monkeys and an elephant. It was beautiful to observe the nature and wildlife so closely. The safari was great. The jeep ride was awesome and super fun! It was an unforgettable experience, standing in the open jeep but it was a bit too scary. But I was disappointed that we did not get to see tigers , for which the place is famous. There were various kinds of trees and we even crossed a stream which was adventurous. At the end of the safari there was a temple and a waterfall which was simply beautiful. When we reached the resort- Wild Crest, there was bonfire and refreshments arranged for us. At night we had dance party and the hotel surroundings were pure, calm, green serene and had different flowers. It was a memorable stay. Morning time was chilling cold but the scenery was too beautiful with blossoming flowers and hot coffee. The trip left me tired physically but rejuvenated me to study with vigor for my upcoming exams.

Mani Yatam




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