Innovative ways of learning German Language

Class 9th

Students were divided into two groups. Each group was given a number of flash cards – each card was labelled either with a specific profession (e.g. Doctor, teacher) or with a work place (e.g. Hospital, school) written in German. The students had to first decipher the text on flash card, identify if it’s a profession or a place of work and then finally conclude as to which profession is suitable for which type of work place. It was an interesting way for students to learn an otherwise a difficult chapter of their curriculum.

Class 10th

The students were divided into groups of two’s – each student in the group had to sit with their back facing each other.  The first child was given an image of a personality while the other was given 8 images of different personality – include the one that his group mate had. The task for the first student was to describe the personality to his counterpart in German while the second student would have to understand the language and identify as to which of those 8 images closely resembles with the description that his friend was trying to explain. In this class, the focus was more to see as to how well does a child communicate in German and can explain his view point to others.



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