On 11th November 2016 the inter-house turncoat debate took place among the four houses – Vivekananda house, Radhakrishna house, Tagore house and Teresa house. It was held in the school auditorium with classes 9th, 10th and 12th as the audience. The audience was very interested in the debate and watched silently, expressing their views only later.

The participants were:

Akanksha Gadh of class X-C from Tagore house,

Anaika Mehra of class X-A from Teresa house,

Nishtha Jindal of class X-C from Radhakrishna house and

Zoya S. Kumar of class X-B from Vivekananda house.

The judges were Mrs. Prabhjot Butalia , Mrs. Gurpreet Kaur and Mrs. Harpreet Kaur. The debate was judged on the basis of matter, confidence, expressions, manner of speech, etc. The topics were chosen by a draw of lots. They were very current and of interest to everyone. The participants were given a choice between a topic based on politics and a philosophical one. The debate was held in two rounds. Each participant was given two minutes to prepare. They had to speak for one minute on both sides of the topic – for and against. The results were announced by Mrs. Prabhjyot Butalia. They were as follows:

In the first round

The first position was shared by Akanksha Gadh of Tagore house and Nishtha Jindal of Radhakrishna house.

The second position went to Zoya S. Kumar of Vivekananda house.

In the second round

The first position went to Akanksha Gadh of Tagore house 

The second position to Nishtha Jindal of Radhakrishna house.                                                              

Zoya S. Kumar




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