Farewell Party 2017

An enthusiastic and sentimental class eleven played the perfect host to the Farewell Party for class twelve. Energetic, graceful and foot-tapping dance performances enthralled the beautifully attired audience. The compares, Dikshita Khullar and Kartika Ahuja and later Vatsal Shorewala, Aryan Kanoi and  Tanya Bansal entertained the gathering with their witty repartee. Soon the focus shifted to the main event: The Personality Contest. Intelligent, beautiful, stylish and suave! Each nominee gave the judges plenty to think over. Interspersed with music, dance and scintillating stage shows, the farewell party culminated with the announcement of prizes for the winners of the Batch of 2017:

Mr. Goenkan – Manav Maini

Miss Goenkan – Mahi S. Kumar

Mr Talented – Ved Rajgarhia

Miss Talented – Sara Bahl

Mr Popular – Sagar Rathi

Miss Popular – Vrinda

Style Icons – Shivangani Anand and Aman Kumar

Faces of the Year- Rohan Vasdev and Annika Bhargava

Gentleman of the Year –Dhruv Swaroop

Lady of the Year – Usmehar Madan


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