Inter House Cricket Results

The Inter House (Senior Boys) Cricket Tournament had been held in the Month of April where Teresa House won the tournament.


  1. Hardik Aggarwal 12 D

  2. Aryan Choudhary 12 C

  3. Raj Singh Kohli 12 E

  4. Harwin Khurana 12 G

  5. Sarthak Barnwal 12 A

  6. Raghav Lahoti 10 E

  7. Amanya Malhotra 10 E

  8. Jatin Sachdeva 12 C

  9. Hrithik Rajat 12 E

  10. Adheesh Katharia 12 E

  11. Akshaan Jain 11 C

  12. Siddhant Bahl 12 B

  13. Milon Arora 11 C

  14.  Maahu Jain 12 C

Workshop on Cyber Security

On April 20, 2017, G.D.Goenka Public School, Vasant Kunj, organized an enlightening and interactive workshop on cyber security for the students of class IX. The same workshop was also conducted in two sessions on April 18, 2017 for the students of classes X, XI and XII.

The guest speaker was the renowned Cyber Guru, Mr Rakshit Tandon, Founder Chariman of A & R Info Security Solutions Pvt Ltd. This Cyber Security Evangelist has experience of more than a decade in Security Domain and is the Member Advisory to National Cyber Safety and Security Standards.  Mr Tandon has been the Non European Expert at European Commission on Safer Internet. With a number of awards to his credit, Mr Tandon is increasingly becoming popular with the children with his keenness to educate them on cyber security.

In a very interesting session with the Goenkans, he stressed upon the measures to be adopted while using the internet. Various myths about anonymity of users were broken. Gullibility of users was exposed. Essential safety measures to be adopted while working on the internet were highlighted. Children clarified their doubts with respect to the routine activities they undertake on the internet.  The workshop ignited the spark of curiosity about the dangers posed by the indiscriminate usage of internet.



The workshop was conducted by Mr. Rakshit Tandon who is a well known person working against cyber crime. I got to hear many eye-opening incidents and cases which made me realize the reality of today’s world. He gave all of us some amazing and helpful advice on how to be safe from the world of internet. It really helped all of us. As soon as I got home, I changed all my privacy settings on all my social media. I really thank him a lot for teaching us so much and giving us knowledge about the world of internet.

Harleen Kaur (XII-E)