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Compost Pit

The students of Class 5 were studying about Conservation of Natural Resources in EVS.They were very concerned about the sorry state in which Earth is today.They were hopeful when they realised that they could make a difference too.So it was decided that they would be ‘Environmental Police’ and try to save the environment, in their own simple ways.They took permission from Principal sir  to make a Compost Pit in the school field.A patch was selected and with the help of the gardener, Madhav BHAIYA, a pit was dug.The children wore gloves n brought their own spades n toy shovels to help in the digging.They carried boxes containing peels of fruits n vegetables and filled the pit with it.It was then covered with soil for the decomposers to work on it and make it manure. The place was marked with a wooden signboard. It should be ready in a year.The children really enjoyed the activity and also learnt of precautions to be taken to undertake such an activity.

हिन्दी गतिविधि-कक्षा चार

कक्षा चार में  कविता अख़बार पढ़ाते हुए गतिविधि द्वारा बच्चों को समझाया गया कि अख़बार बासी होने पर हमें कबाड़ी को ही आवाज़ नहीं लगानी चाहिए अपितु हम उस से कुछ बना  भी सकते हैं। बच्चों को कक्षा में अख़बार से  कुछ चीज़ें  बनाने व सजाने में बहुत मज़ा आया ।इससे छात्रों ने बहुत कुछ सीखा।

रेखा शर्मा
हिन्दी विभाग


The EVS week activities started on an energetic tone with our young performers of class 3 show casing the different seasons with lively skits, songs and dances. The ambience was conducive with the theme and needed little explanation.

Children looked spectacular in their costumes and mesmerised the audience with their performance.Principal sir and vice principal ma’m applauded the efforts of the teachers and students.



हिन्दी गतिविधि

हिन्दी भाषा की ओर  छात्रों की रुचि बनाए रखने के लिए समय – समय पर गतिविधियों का आयोजन किया जाता है।

इसी दिशा में बढ़ते हुए कक्षा छठी में भाड़ में भुनी हवेली पाठ के आधार पर बच्चों ने नाटिका का मंचन किया ।
छात्रों ने चित्र के आधार पर कहानी भी सुनाई ।

सभी छात्रों ने बढ़ चढ़कर हिस्सा लिया ।इसके लिए उन्हें सराहा गया अौर अंक भी दिए गए।

मीना यादव
हिन्दी विभाग