Smart Study Skills

On Friday, May5, 2017, G.D.Goenka Public School, Vasant Kunj, organized an enlightening workshop on smart study skills for classes XI and XII. The workshop was conducted by Mr Rajeev Soni. Mr Rajeev Soni made the children aware of a range of relevant issues. He gave the children a chance to vent their anxieties and relieve their stress. His wit and humour made the interaction very interesting. The children were reminded not to lose focus during their preparation of examination. His special tips about smart study skills empowered the children to enhance the quality of their preparation and planning. “Divide and conquer” is the mantra – divide the work and conquer the goal. Persistence is more important than talent, genius or luck. The presentation was followed by an interactive session wherein the children made many queries and received practical solutions. The Principal, Mr Sanjay Yadav, too gave many tips from his personal experience. Later, Ms Rohina Shah, on behalf of the staff and students, thanked Mr Soni for sparing his valuable time.



Goenkan Grandeur-2017

On the second day of Ninth Gayatri Devi Goenkan Memorial Cultural Festival, “Goenkan Grandeur” 2017, two events were held: Inter-School English Elocution Contest and Inter-School Western Dance Competition.

The day began with the registration of the participants followed by delicious breakfast at the cafeteria. All the participants, thereafter, assembled in the auditorium. The Master of Ceremony, Ms Meeru Pande, welcomed the guests. The Principal, Mr Sanjay Yadav, gave his blessings to the participants.

English Literary Event (Inter-School English Elocution Contest)

The Vice Principal, Ms Swadesh Kumar drew the lots and encouraged the children to give their best. The judges, the renowned academician, Ms Shrawasti Ganguli and the popular TV host, Mr Mayank Batheja were introduced to the audience. Twenty six participants from thirteen schools created magic with their words through extremely interesting pieces and highly impressive elocution. They were judged on (a) Choice of Piece    (b) Confidence (c) Memory (d) Diction (e) Presentation.  The team of G.D.Goenka Public School, Vasant Kunj won the third prize. G.D.Goenka Public School, Greater Noida, was the runner-up team and the team of Amity International School emerged as the winner. The Principal congratulated the English Department and the HOD, Ms Rohina Shah for the successful concept.

Inter-School Western Dance Competition

Ten teams mesmerized the spectators through their scintillating performances. The judges, the famous names in the circle of dance professionals, Mr Anubhav Sharma and Mr Dilip Raikwar, judged the incredibly beautiful dances on the basis of Creativity, Choice of Music, Choreography and Costumes. Result was declared and prizes distributed. Teams of Amity International School and G.D.Goenka World School jointly took the third place. G.D.Goenka Public School, Sector48, Gurgaon was the runner-up team. The efforts of the Dance Director, Ms Vidushi, bore fruit when G.D.Goenka Public School, Vasant Kunj was declared the best team. The highly competitive dance extravaganza ended with a lip smacking lunch at the cafeteria.

Tirelessly working behind the scene, the Activity Incharge, Ms Anisha, ensured flawless conduct of the event.

Workshop on Cyber Security

On April 20, 2017, G.D.Goenka Public School, Vasant Kunj, organized an enlightening and interactive workshop on cyber security for the students of class IX. The same workshop was also conducted in two sessions on April 18, 2017 for the students of classes X, XI and XII.

The guest speaker was the renowned Cyber Guru, Mr Rakshit Tandon, Founder Chariman of A & R Info Security Solutions Pvt Ltd. This Cyber Security Evangelist has experience of more than a decade in Security Domain and is the Member Advisory to National Cyber Safety and Security Standards.  Mr Tandon has been the Non European Expert at European Commission on Safer Internet. With a number of awards to his credit, Mr Tandon is increasingly becoming popular with the children with his keenness to educate them on cyber security.

In a very interesting session with the Goenkans, he stressed upon the measures to be adopted while using the internet. Various myths about anonymity of users were broken. Gullibility of users was exposed. Essential safety measures to be adopted while working on the internet were highlighted. Children clarified their doubts with respect to the routine activities they undertake on the internet.  The workshop ignited the spark of curiosity about the dangers posed by the indiscriminate usage of internet.



Exposition The Art Exhibition was put up on the 22nd of March to showcase the talent and creativity of young Goenkans. It included all types of mediums like oil, acrylic, oil pastel, pen and ink, Art Brut, collage, craft, sculptures and other art forms. It was well received by the parents who felt very happy to see their child’s work showcased.





At G D Goenka Public School, many activities and events are organized throughout the year to motivate the students and enhance their creativity. The emphasis is on the individual’s intellectual, physical and emotional growth. In furtherance of this vision, the school successfully organized a Sports Fest, Sportiva 2017, on the 24th of February 2017.

The students of classes Nursery to V, under the guidance of the Principal, Mr.SanjayYadav, the Vice Principal, Mrs.Swadesh Kumar, the talented sports and activity teachers as well as the teachers of the pre-primary and primary classes, participated in the programme with great joy and fervour.In the words of John F Kennedy, ‘Physical fitness is not only one of the most important keys to a healthy body; it is the basis of dynamic and creative intellectual activity.’ At G D Goenka, we firmly believe that apart from education, one needs good health and for that, one needs to play sports. Hence, the spectacular extravaganza, Sportiva 2017, was organized to celebrate the sports prowess of our students.

The presence of the Vice Chairperson, Mrs.RenuGoenka, several illustrious and distinguished guests and parents added glamour to the event. The Chief Guest, Ambassador Dr. Deepak Vohra motivated the students to be fit and healthy and inspired them to take pride in being an Indian. In his speech,the Principal, Mr.SanjayYadav, delineated the emphasis laid by the school on both academics and the co-curricular as well as co-scholastic domains. He also exhorted the students keep alive the flame of their commitment to the school motto – higher, stronger, brighter!

The Sports meet began with anincredible fusion of freestyle, jazz and hip-hop in The Rhythm of Life, which was followed by a fantastic display of Kalaripayattu, a martial art from Kerala. It is considered to be one of the oldest fighting systems in existence. Kalaripayattu includes strikes, kicks, grappling, preset forms, weaponry and healing methods.  Then came a superb demonstration of the complex skills required to master the sports of football, basketball and cricket.

One of the highlights of the day were the track events by the little champs of the Nursery classes. The tiny tots of nursery jumped and raced together, exhibiting their enthusiasm and sportsmanship through a series of obstacle and hurdle races involving the use of an assortment of equipment like steppers, tunnels and ladders.

Exercises and drills help to keep us agile, fit and healthy. They are an essential component of a school day and inculcate in the students the habit of leading a disciplined life. Thus, the students of class 3 participated in an umbrella symphony to remind us of refreshing rainy days.

The little ones of KG added some fun and frolic to the day with their bright and colourful parachutes. These tiny tots worked diligently with zest and zeal to present a perfectly coordinated display of their abilities interspersed with a plethora of formations.

To demonstrate the various skills associated with ITF Taekwon-do, like punches, kicks and blocks for self-defense, the mighty warriors of G D Goenka displayed their expertise in this martial art.

The students of class 1 presented a celebration of Chinese culture with a fan dance, which also included a few fiery dragons, in the Oriental Fantasy.

The effortless somersaults, graceful cartwheels and death-defying pyramids of the little ones in Fusion Fitness were an amazing sight to behold. There was also a prize distribution ceremony for the winners of the races which were a part of the Sports meet.

The grand finale was inspired by the colours of the Olympic rings and by the dedication and spirit of the Olympic Games in the Soaring Razzmatazz where the students used parachutes in the colours of the Olympic Rings with remarkable dexterity to create fantastic formations. The magnificent show ended with the vote of thanks and a rousing rendition of the National Anthem.

Sportiva 2017 was highly appreciated by the guests and parents alike who lauded the efforts of the school heads, the teachers and the students. The parents were completely spell bound and praised the show saying, “The well coordinated and confident moves of the children mirrored the efforts of the teachers.” Another appreciative parent said, “Thank you for helping the little ones create beautiful memories which they will cherish forever.” Many remarks such as “fantastic show”, “great effort”, “spectacular sportiva”  expressed the elation and joy of the parents of G D Goenka, Vasant Kunj.

Glimpses of Sportiva

Enthusiastic Goenkans were seen all geared up for the relay race to bring laurels to their respective classes. The children showed great sportive spirit both on the field and off .
Few pictures show casing our young athletes and Principal sir encouraging them.

Glimpses of Annual Sports event in Tyagraja Indoor stadium. Months of Tireless efforts by students and teachers all culminated into a spectacular show .