Fifth Edition of G D Goenka International MUN was organized by G D Goenka Public School, Vasant Kunj, New Delhi from Friday, November3, 2017 till Sunday, November5,2017. This three-day event was made possible by dynamic foresight of the Principal, Mr Sanjay Yadav, astute planning of the Vice Principal, Mrs Swadesh Kumar, definitive direction of Chef De Cabinet, Ms Mala Aggarwal, relentless effort of the teachers and collective brainstorming of Goenkan students. 

The aim of the endeavour was to inculcate critical thinking, teamwork and leadership abilities by exploring the burning issues of the world on the model of United Nations, under the theme, ‘Time to Act, Time to Change’. The conference addressed varied disciplines under nine committees such as United Nations General Assembly- DISEC, United Nations Security Council, United Nations Human Rights Council, International Atomic Energy Agency, European Union, United Nations Global Compact, Indian Film Stakeholders’ Meet, John F. Kennedy’s Cabinet and the famed Indian War Cabinet. It had about 300 delegates participating from schools from all over India. 

Thorough research and heated discussions by the student delegates marked the proceedings of two days. The Executive Board invested the last hour of the session in every committee towards giving detailed and substantive feedback to all the delegates. 

Appreciating the efforts of the student body of GDGoenka and highlighting the aim of this exercise, Principal, Mr Sanjay Yadav, summed up, “Our nation is embarking on a new journey. Riding a wave of economic boom, we are experiencing days filled with toil, enterprise and creative endeavours. We ensure that our students are made aware of issues and causes to which they can make a difference. A vibrant and socially conscious student community capable of enhancing the Indian Talent Pool is what we have managed to evolve into.”

Vice Principal, Mrs Swadesh Kumar, opined, “The leaders today have the duty to serve their nation’s interest while balancing it with the larger collective interest. We, at GDGIMUN, provide the students an experience that not only enriches their knowledge and tests their managerial resources but also helps them with the satisfaction of partaking in a constructive role of innovation that is a stepping stone to a peaceful, global and unified world.”

Ms Mala Aggarwal, Chef De Cabinet, added, “Model United Nations provides a platform to our potential leaders to come together to solve the global problems. It enables the young minds to dream and take decisions to make this world better. It aims to make them understand that our environment needs to be protected and that solutions can be reached amicably without fighter planes and nuclear weapons.”  

The finale took place at Manekshaw Hall. Ambassador Deepak Vohra and Major General GD Bakshi discussed how India is poised to emerge as a global power to reckon with.

The conference stimulated the fertile minds of the delegates, sensitizing them to critical world issues.









GDGIMUN ‘16 – A Temple of Learning

Over the last few years, Model UN has spread like wildfire in educational institutions all over India. It has become one of the most dynamic and preferred co-curricular activities for students and institutions alike. Stepping into formal attire in the morning and meeting people from various schools for a siesta from usual humdrum of school life, has students clamoring to be a part of this activity. However, it is also home to those individuals who love to question, to argue, to debate, and to compete with each other to achieve a standard of excellence in all these skill sets. It fosters learning across the spectrum of stakeholders, whether you are an organiser and learning database management, or an International Press Member writing articles and editorials on committee proceedings and the agendas being discussed.

At G.D.Goenka International Model United Nations 2016, there was a slightly different atmosphere than the usual. All of the above were abundant, yet what was also added was a concept of Model UN for learning. Gathering courage born out of experience of having organised three previous editions, we decided to do what we are best at, and take the first step when no one is willing to. Our fourth edition was geared towards the improvement and benefit of students, both first timers and experienced alike, envisioned ten committees and agendas revolving around the central theme, ‘conflict’. We are surrounded by conflicts, complex issues that are sprouting up everywhere in the world, conflicts over resources to conflict of ideas, conflict between religions and conflict underneath the tip of the iceberg that is usually debated in a Model UN. For the first time, we hosted eight double delegations in the first simulation of the Supreme Court of India, giving a taste of the Indian Judiciary to our participants. At the same time, we had students representing teams and players of Formula 1, debating ethics and the International Sporting Code in the Federation Internationale de l’Automobile. Action oriented and intense were the two Cabinet Meets – the George Bush Cabinet right after 9/11, and the Indian War Cabinet planning Operation Meghdoot to control the Siachen Glacier in 1984.

Three days, many sessions of debate, hundreds of speeches and thousands of chits later, the entire event culminated in what was an emotional moment for all its participants. It is our belief that it is not just a competition, but it is also a place to learn, to improve, and come what may, to build upon your strengths and cement the foundations. For this very reason, the Executive Board invested the last hour of session in every committee, towards giving detailed and substantive feedback to all the delegates. When it all came to a close at the Manekshaw Centre, and I stood at the Podium looking at the faces of those who had become our friends in these three short days, I saw them sitting thoughtfully and quietly. They were ready to listen, they were ready to understand, and they were ready to learn. Our vision had been realised.

 Sidharth Das, Senior Advisor, GDGIMUN 2016









G.D. Goenka Public School, Vasant Kunj held the third session of GD Goenka International Model United Nations Conference 2015 – ‘Time to Act, Time to Change’.
GDGIMUN’15 was a 3-day conference held at GD Goenka Public School, Vasant Kunj, especially for school students and delegates from all over Asia. With an Executive Board also open to college students – this was one of the most awaited conferences this year.

GDGIMUN 2015  simulated the working of some of the major international organizations towards a defined motive. GDGIMUN’15 boasts of simulating 10 committees including specialized committees such as the Nuclear Suppliers Group, UNGA, and also the famed Indian War Cabinet.

For further insight into the three day action please visit our website –

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