Presidium MUN 17-19 Oct’2014

Model United Nations has helped me as an individual to grow into a leader, become confident in myself and form long lasting relationships with people from all over the world.  MUN has introduced me to an amazing world. Learning about the world, interacting with people, fighting diplomatically over major issues that are currently prevalent in the world, MUN has helped to develop a genuine interest in politics. I remember my first MUN conference, standing before me were smart diplomatic people that made me feel scared and nervous. Presidium MUN, 2014 was my fourth MUN where I spoke with ease in front of a large crowd. MUN has made me a more confident person in committee, the classroom and has helped me in improving my overall self-esteem. This MUN gave me a chance to freely interact with the Executive Board (judges) and make some long lasting friends which made this experience an unforgettable one. To top it all the “Verbal Mention” award was my cherry on top of the cake.

Other verbal mentions from our school – Bhagyashree suhaag, Manya Sehgal, Madhav Chaudhary

Rasleen Kaur, X-C IMG_20141019_161615


Brainwiz MUN 11-12 Oct’2014

MUN is a very interesting and unique platform which takes place at school as well as university level. My third MUN, Brainwiz Model United Nations, was a splendid learning experience, from which I as a delegate gained immense knowledge about the agenda “Role Of Narcotics In Armed Conflict”. I was in the UNODC committee that is United Nations Office Of Drugs And Crime. The participating delegates as a team made 3 resolutions that were passed with thumping majority. The Executive Board appreciated me and gave me a very positive individual feedback which has synnergized my efforts for the future MUNs. Hours of research and hardwork paid off well when I won a “Verbal Mention” and was greatly appreciated by the officials.

      Rasleen Kaur, X -C    IMG_20141019_111314