EVS Activity- Class V

Many a times we find ourselves in a situation where someone suddenly gets hurt or in need of medical help. At such times we must know what action needs to be taken in that situation. Therefore students of class 5 were very eager and happy to learn ways in which they could be helpful. After learning about ‘Safety and First Aid’ they put together all the items necessary for making a First Aid Box. They were then given situations and victims to whom they had to administer First Aid. They applied their learning to help, in role play, victims of deep cuts and wounds, sprains, fractures, snake bites, burns, nose bleeds, choking etc. They learnt how to tie a tourniquet and a crepe bandage and how to dress cuts n wounds. They also demonstrated how they would react in case of various kinds of fires.
In the course of doing this lesson many shared that they were able to administer First Aid to class mates who hurt themselves in the playground or who had a nose bleed in school before reaching the medical room.
They know that keeping calm, using their presence of mind and knowledge of safety and First Aid, will be of great help at such times.



Inter House Cricket Results

The Inter House (Junior Boys) Cricket Tournament was held in the Month of October where Tagore House won the tournament.


  1. Yashwardhan Oberoi 8 A
  2. Mohit Chowdhary 8 A
  3. Madhav Kapoor 8 E
  4. Jaskaran Singh Bajaj 8 C
  5. Sourabh Tanwar 8 B
  6. Rohan Sherawat 8 B
  7. Subek Singh Chadha 8 A
  8. Shreevats Pandey 8 E
  9. Samarveer Singh 7 A
  10. Krish Sadh 7 C
  11. Uday Arora 7 D
  12. Ankit Agarwal 7 D
  13. Smayan Arora 7 D
  14. Devyansh Gupta 8 E
  15. Arav Tomar 6 D

Class VII A – Maths outdoor activity

Congruency and Paperfolding challange :

The students of class VII A were divided into two groups.Each group was given 24 full sheets of old newspapers and asked to make two rectangles ( 6×4) to check the congruency of the two by superimposing.
Task 2 was to fold these huge rectangles into halves to count the maximum number of folds possible.
The students over enthusiastically worked in teams and superimposed the two to discover that the rectangles were not congruent. They also met the world  record of eight folds and now are constantly figuring out the ways to beat the same record .

Class VI B,Maths outdoor activity

Maths outdoor activity on Finding Multiples made the students of class VI B  sweat. Jumping on the correct multiples was a lot more fun than writing it in their notebooks.

Its not possible to find the perimeter of geometrical shapes like a big  square or a triangle in meters in the notebooks.So the students of class VI B were exposed  to some real life situations,where they were told to calculate the perimeter of the given shapes in the school play  field in meters using turdle wheel.This gave them a clear understanding of how long a meter is as compared to the centimeter.


Zonal Athletic Meet

The School Athletics Team participated in the Zonal Athletic Meet 2017-18 held at Tyagraj Stadium from 30th October – 2nd November, 2017 and the athletes won the following positions.

Name Class Event Medal
Ayush Negi 12 B High Jump Gold
Saanvi Sood 8 E 600 mtr. Sprint Silver
Lovkesh Patel 11B Triple Jump Bronze
Aryan Sharma 8 B High Jump Bronze

Inter School Athletic Meet

The School Athletics Team participated in the Modern School Athletic Meet 2017-18 held at Modern School, Vasant Vihar on 6th & 7th October, 2017 and the athletes won the following positions.

Name Class Event Medal
Hunar Narang 10 B 100 mts. Gold
Riya Lakra 7 B 200 mts. Gold
Saanvi Sood 8 E 400 mts. Gold
Mohit Yadav

Mayank Sachdeva

Sabhya Vig

Shresth Vig

9 A

10 B

10 B

10 B

4×100 mts. Relay Gold
Suraj Banerjee 11 F 400 mts. Silver
Runjhun Bahuguna 11 D 200 mts. Silver
Lovkesh Patel 11 B 200 mts. Silver
Aadhya Arora

Karishma Paswan

Sharvi Sharma

Aajuni Ahluwalia

4 C

4 E

4 D

4 D

4×50 mts. Relay Silver
Tanarika Venisheety

Anoushka Rathore

Aassia Bhatia

Ananya Gupta

5 A

5 B

5 B

5 E

4×50 mts. Relay Silver
Kavya Pandey 9 A 400 mts. Bronze
Paavni Chhatwal 9 E 100 mts. Bronze
Devina Saxena

Myra Tyagi

Smera Sood

Siya Aggarwal

6 A

6 A

6 A

6 C

4×100 mts. Bronze
Mansi Maan

Riya Lakra

Samaira Elwadhi

Ananya Kashyap

7 B

7 B

7 A

7 B

4×100 mts. Bronze


Our school Lawn Tennis Mini Girls team emerged as 2nd Runner’s Up in the Zonal Lawn Tennis Championship held at Vasant Valley School, Vasant Vihar on 17th October, 2017.

Team members are as follows:

  1. Aanya Malik 4 C
  2. Presha Singh 4 C
  3. Jahnvi Ghuliani 4 B
  4. Norzeen Qureshi 5 D