Workshop on GST

It was our pleasure that on 6th July Mr. Najib Shah retired Chairman Central Board Exercise and Customs, had come to school to have a seminar on GST. He was one of member on the board of the committee of GST. It is the 101st Constitutional Amendment Act 2016 and we were fortunate that just 5 days after 1st July we had him to address the students. GST is set to revolutionise the way we do our taxes. Goods and services tax is a comprehensive,multistage destination based tax that will be levied on every value addition.

He spoke about the various indirect taxes which are replaced by CGST, SGST, UTGST and IGST. The GST Council decisions taken on various rules framed were also discussed. 

Also the Benefits to business namely- Decrease in inflation, Ease of doing business, Decrease in black transaction, More informed customer, Boost to make in India were explained.

It was an interactive session where the students asked  their apprehensions, thoughts. Since Mr. Shah was in the journey of making GST he answered the question with the thought process that went into making the GST.

 An enriching and much needed workshop.


Smart Study Skills

On Friday, May5, 2017, G.D.Goenka Public School, Vasant Kunj, organized an enlightening workshop on smart study skills for classes XI and XII. The workshop was conducted by Mr Rajeev Soni. Mr Rajeev Soni made the children aware of a range of relevant issues. He gave the children a chance to vent their anxieties and relieve their stress. His wit and humour made the interaction very interesting. The children were reminded not to lose focus during their preparation of examination. His special tips about smart study skills empowered the children to enhance the quality of their preparation and planning. “Divide and conquer” is the mantra – divide the work and conquer the goal. Persistence is more important than talent, genius or luck. The presentation was followed by an interactive session wherein the children made many queries and received practical solutions. The Principal, Mr Sanjay Yadav, too gave many tips from his personal experience. Later, Ms Rohina Shah, on behalf of the staff and students, thanked Mr Soni for sparing his valuable time.



Workshop on Cyber Security

On April 20, 2017, G.D.Goenka Public School, Vasant Kunj, organized an enlightening and interactive workshop on cyber security for the students of class IX. The same workshop was also conducted in two sessions on April 18, 2017 for the students of classes X, XI and XII.

The guest speaker was the renowned Cyber Guru, Mr Rakshit Tandon, Founder Chariman of A & R Info Security Solutions Pvt Ltd. This Cyber Security Evangelist has experience of more than a decade in Security Domain and is the Member Advisory to National Cyber Safety and Security Standards.  Mr Tandon has been the Non European Expert at European Commission on Safer Internet. With a number of awards to his credit, Mr Tandon is increasingly becoming popular with the children with his keenness to educate them on cyber security.

In a very interesting session with the Goenkans, he stressed upon the measures to be adopted while using the internet. Various myths about anonymity of users were broken. Gullibility of users was exposed. Essential safety measures to be adopted while working on the internet were highlighted. Children clarified their doubts with respect to the routine activities they undertake on the internet.  The workshop ignited the spark of curiosity about the dangers posed by the indiscriminate usage of internet.



The workshop was conducted by Mr. Rakshit Tandon who is a well known person working against cyber crime. I got to hear many eye-opening incidents and cases which made me realize the reality of today’s world. He gave all of us some amazing and helpful advice on how to be safe from the world of internet. It really helped all of us. As soon as I got home, I changed all my privacy settings on all my social media. I really thank him a lot for teaching us so much and giving us knowledge about the world of internet.

Harleen Kaur (XII-E)

Workshop on Successful Parenting

On February 14, 2017, G.D.Goenka Public School, Vasant Kunj, organized an enlightening and interactive workshop on parenting. The workshop was conducted by Dr Shimi Kang, a Canadian-Indian renowned Psychiatrist, an award winning Harvard trained medical doctor, researcher and expert on the science of human motivation. The mother of three, a TEDx speaker, Dr Kang, is the author of “The Dolphin Parent: A Guide To Raising Healthy, Happy and Self-Motivated Kids”.

Dr Kang provided practical communication and lifestyle prescriptions to enhance key twenty first century skills in young children. The content included expansion of the understanding of key concepts of self-motivation, adaptability and consciousness quotient. Need to promote creativity, critical thinking, communication, collaboration and contribution as a part of Consciousness Quotient or 5CQ’s was emphasized. The parents said they were very satisfied to have found answers to some very difficult problems.

Bully to Buddy

On Tuesday, October 18, 2016, a special assembly was held in the school to address the issue of bullying. A workshop named “Bully to Buddy” was organized as a part of the assembly. The workshop aimed to counter the recent trend of bullying among young children. It was conducted by Ms Geetika and Ms Aditi from Fortis Healthcare. The two psychologists are working in the field of “Mental Health of Children and Adolescents”.

It was an interactive workshop with the entire school forming a part of the audience – teachers and students alike. The resource persons apprised the children how to handle difficult situations. The enthusiastic interaction of the students with the resource persons during and after the workshop was heartening to watch. The effort was well applauded.


Health Talk by Satyajit Dash

On September 22, 2016, Mr Satyajit Dash conducted a “Health and Awareness Session” for all the staff members of the school.

ISSA certified Sports Nutritionist, Mr Satyajit Dash, is working with Cairn India Ltd as a GIS Specialist.

Some of the important facts about good health that Lifestyle Management Coach, Mr Dash, threw light on are:

  • An assessment of BCA and Lipid Profile is essential for an analysis of one’s health.

  • Whey Protein compensates for the nutrients otherwise missing in the vegetarian diet.

  • Calcium is absorbed by body only with vitamin D and can help only when combined with Magnesium and Zinc.

  • Sugar is a more dangerous addiction than narcotics.

  • Intermittent fasting speeds up the activity of fat-burning hormones.

A few prevalent myths were busted and truth was revealed:

  • Contrary to the popular belief, refined oils damage health. The oils that undergo the process of hydrogenation are harmful.

  • Coconut oil, kachchi ghani mustard oil and olive oil are extremely beneficial for health. The oils obtained through mechanical process contribute to good health.

  • Ghee is good.

Stress was laid upon the importance of:

  • Consumption of about seven litres of water every day

  • Weight training to strengthen muscles and burn fat

  • Practice of yoga / aerobics / zumba for fat loss

Every recommendation was supported by scientific facts.  A number of doubts were put to rest. Inefficacy of some medical practices was exposed.

The interactive session ended with staff members feeling very enlightened. New resolutions were made.