SUPW Club Students Visit to SEWA BHARTI schools

On 5th December, 2017, 19 students of SUPW Club visited two SEWA BHARTI schools in Khanpur. The schools had organised a cultural programme for our club members who taught the underprivileged in groups. It was an enriching experience as the students felt empowered by donating stationery items, shoes and chocolates. It was indeed an eyeopener for the students as it was their first exposure to the harsh reality of poverty. This experience developed in them feelings of gratitude, discipline and patriotism.

“The fact that I motivated kids to live better gives me pure joy. Memories made here will always be cherished”

It is our responsibility and duty to use our privilege to try and make a difference in these kids life, push them towards making something of themselves,  to break the vicious cycle of poverty, illiteracy,  ill health and social constraints for a better world

Samara Khanna (XI-E)

Walking through lanes lined with garbage and mud, all of us were perplexed as to where our school was planning to take us! Once we reached the school for the underprivileged, run by Sewa Bharti, our jaws dropped open! A small three-storied building, each floor having only one or two rooms and each room having three carpets, signifying different batches. Yes, that’s how small the school was… But well, don’t judge a book by its cover. On entering the classroom, we were awestruck by the manners of the students! There was not one child who did not wish us- “Good morning Ma’am”! I was surprised to see how much the children of class 3 knew! Proper multiplication, division, tables, reading, art and the list goes on…

The second school, located in the largest basti of India, was similar to the first one, only even smaller. The smiles of the children on receiving things that mean nothing to us such as pencils, erasers, sharpeners, shoes etc. made my day! The fact that they did not have access to basic amenities like drinking water and toilets, made me feel so privileged. Never have I wanted to thank GOD more for what I have been given! This peek into reality brought tears in my eyes…

Dhriti Swarup ( XI D)

We have all been taught that there is no free lunch and to create balance in our lives we do not need to meditate or visit temples or wear holy rings, we just need to create balance around us by lending a helping hand towards anyone in need.
And towards that end we decided to visit two Sewa Bharti Schools. For those who do not know what Sewa bharti is, it is an NGO working with slum dwellers, tribals and indigenous communities living in resettlement colonies and urban slums.
Such was the condition of the approach roads that our buses could not take us to the school gate. Some of us went by car and some walked through drains to get there.
The school had such few rooms that we found Kindergarten students sitting with students of class five being taught different things, I hope. What surprised me was that Kindergarten children could add, subtract, multiply and divide and knew tables till 5! More than many children their age elsewhere. They were eager to learn and absorbed everything like sponges. They were very respectful of anyone entering their classes referring to them as Sir and Ma’am doing work as told without any argument at all.
The outside drains did not reflect the inside of the school as the students were very aware of cleanliness despite having to sit on torn carpets—if one can call them that.
Barely being able to afford uniforms, every time their hands got dirty they would go to wash them instead of wiping them on their clothes.
We carried chocolates, stationery and shoes for them which brought huge smiles to their faces making us think we had done enough, till a girl came and handed me ₹10 saying it was payment for the chocolate I had just given her…She was most uncomfortable taking it free…

Zoya S. Kumar (XI-C)




The students of class VI A  learnt the concept of LCM  through an outdoor maths activity,in which students could actually visualise and feel the the common multiples  of any  two numbers . After  finding the Least Common Multiple the students were also eager to jump their way ahead to find the Second Common Multiple. The activity could manover  the abstract calculations of LCM to an interesting concrete way of finding LCM.



कक्षा आठवीं ब की गतिविधि

कक्षा आठवीं ब के छात्रों ने कलात्मक रूप से अपनी भावनाओं को काग़ज़ पर उतारा ।इन गतिविधियों से छात्रों की सृजनात्मक शक्ति का विकास होता है ।

हड़ताल पाठ का नाटकीय रूपांतरण (कक्षा पाँचवी)

 कक्षा पाँचवी ‘द’ केछात्रों ने हड़ताल पाठ का नाटकीय रूपांतरण किया जिसमें उन्होंने प्राकृतिक संसाधनों के अनावश्यक  अपव्यय  द्वारा भविष्य में होने वाली मुसीबतों के बारे में जानकारी दी।


Zonal Excellence Certificate – Olympiads 2017

Five Children from our School are awarded the Zonal Excellence Certificate after appearing in the 2nd level exam.

S.No. Name Class Intern. Rank Zonal Rank Subject
1 Jannat Preet Kaur 11 49 9 Commerce 1000/ – gift voucher
2 Arush Gupta 6 198 12 Science
3 Harkrit Singh 11 236 17 Computer
4 Ayaan Goel 3 164 21 English
5 Nishtha Jindal 10 110 21 English

Following Students participated in 2nd level and have got Merit Certificates.                         SCIENCE         

S.No. Name Class Intern. Rank Zonal Rank
1 Samaira Satija 3 3004 171
2 Shatakshi Singh 4 3524 215
3 Keshav Kapoor 5 3938 240
4 Vanya Kumar 6 4287 267
5 Jawahar Ranganathan 7 3294 235
6 Shreyam Taneja 10 1113 105


S.No. Name Class Intern. Rank Zonal Rank
1 Parishee Mittal 3 1759 144
2 Krish Khetarpaul 4 943 57
3 Ansh Tewari 7 855 51
4 Aakanksha Gadh 11 473 40


S.No. Name Class Intern. Rank Zonal Rank
1 Reyan Gupta 3 429 33
2 Shatakshi Singh 4 3540 210
3 Devina Saxena 5 4971 268
4 Manasvi Bhandari 6 4784 282
5 Jawahar Ranganathan 7 2867 153
6 Krish Manjral 8 5942 270
7 Sehej Kaur 9 2822 161
8 Mehak Jain 11 794 83


Class VII A – Maths outdoor activity

Congruency and Paperfolding challange :

The students of class VII A were divided into two groups.Each group was given 24 full sheets of old newspapers and asked to make two rectangles ( 6×4) to check the congruency of the two by superimposing.
Task 2 was to fold these huge rectangles into halves to count the maximum number of folds possible.
The students over enthusiastically worked in teams and superimposed the two to discover that the rectangles were not congruent. They also met the world  record of eight folds and now are constantly figuring out the ways to beat the same record .